Best H2S Monitor: The Best Single Gas H2S Monitors

Best H2S Monitor: The Best Single Gas H2S Monitors

If your company is searching for personal hydrogen sulfide (H2S) single gas monitors, here's a quick run-down of the best disposable monitors on the market. We find there are two basic groups of people buying portable single gas monitors, those who want the best price and those who want the best monitor for a discount.

The reigning champion of these devices in the inexpensive group is still the BW Clip from BW Honeywell. This lightweight device has a standard measuring range of 0-100 ppm. No big surprises here. The pluses are the durability, reliability, lack of maintenance requirements, and of course the price. The BW Clip Extreme single gas monitors for H2S is currently under $100 and can go down to $90 if you are buying in bulk.

Another great option for an inexpensive H2S monitor to meet OSHA requirements is the Gas Clip Plus Hibernation Monitor. The point of departure for this device from it's competitors is the hibernation feature. Unlike most disposable monitors with a two-year lifespan, the Gas Clip Plus offers companies the option of turning the device completely off and stopping the lifespan clock. This is a great option for situations where monitoring needs to happen for certain projects, but not on an ongoing basis.

If there is one company out there known for the sensitivity of their sensors, it's Draeger. This is also the upper end of the price spectrum. For companies that are serious about knowing gas levels, the Draeger Pac 7000 is a heavyweight in a lightweight package. This model can be calibrated and has no fixed lifespan. It's what we call a lifetime monitor because it can continue to provide service for years. The sensors are known to be low-drift, and the monitor provides a constant readout of hydrogen sulfide levels.

Slightly less expensive, and definitely smaller still are the RKI Instruments 03 Series monitors. These monitors are about the size of a pack of wooden matches. And they provide constant readout of the gas down to 1ppm. And they're incredibly lightweight.

If you're looking for these monitors, or you want to know how the monitors you company is currently using stack up against these models, give us a call at 1-800-829-9580 during regular Pacific time zone business hours.

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Dec 19th 2014 Justin McCarter

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