A Single-Gas Monitor Without a Two-Year Lifespan

A Single-Gas Monitor Without a Two-Year Lifespan

Not everybody wants a two-year disposable single-gas monitor for hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide detection. Many of today's single gas monitors come with a fixed life span. This type of monitor is helpful for certain gas monitoring programs. There are job sites where a monitor is dropped down a crack or lost under the seat of the truck every day, and an inexpensive monitor is the best choice. But there are just as many sites where close attention to gas levels is a priority and many of the disposables don't feature constant gas level readouts. Others don't use their gas monitors regularly, and want something that will last longer than two years.

For those teams there is the ToxiRAE 3 - one of the most reliable single-gas monitors on the market. Available for high- or low-range Carbon Monoxide (CO), or for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) monitoring, the ToxiRAE 3 features a constant readout of the gas level, not just alarm thresholds. And the ToxiRAE 3 has a replaceable battery, and is not limited to a fixed lifespan.

The ToxiRAE 3 is compatible with the AutoRAE Lite bump and calibration station which provides both fast and efficient testing. Bump tests take only 12 seconds, while a full calibration will be completed in just two minutes.

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May 28th 2013 Justin McCarter

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