Getting the Right H2S Monitor for Your Site

Getting the Right H2S Monitor for Your Site

BW Honeywell makes the most popular single-gas hydrogen sulfide monitor on the planet by a wide margin. The BW Clip H2S Monitor is an inexpensive, durable, reliable personal gas detector, and it's used on oil rigs and petrochemical plants across the country. But some sites require more than just low- and high-level alarms. That's where a monitor like the GasAlert Extreme and the GasAlert Clip Extreme Adjustable Alarm come in handy.

With a constant readout of gas levels displayed on a large LCD screen, the GasAlert Extreme provides highly accurate gas level information in real-time. These monitors offer standard datalogging and a single button control panel interface that's simple and intuitive. But the biggest difference between the basic Clip Extreme and the Extreme, aside from a similar name and the constant readout, is the Extreme doesn't have a built-in 2- or 3-year lifespan. Batteries and sensors in the GasAlert Extreme are easily replaceable. This makes a properly maintained Extreme a good investment for gas detection over the long haul.

By the way, don't worry if you sometimes get the names confused. BW Honeywell has very similar names for many of their gas detectors. The important thing to remember is that BW produces gas monitors for a wide range of industrial applications.

Another option that's popular with our petrochemical plant customers is the adjustable alarm H2S monitor. Because different types of work in the same facility may have different requirements for exposure limits, the GasAlert Clip Extreme allows workers to adjust alarm levels through the single-button user interface. This allows companies to just buy one monitor instead of having two monitors for each worker they switch depending on the work they are engaged in.

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Sep 9th 2013 Justin McCarter

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