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Aug 21st 2015

Draeger Accruo Pump Provides Simple Gas Detection in a Complex World

The Accuro manual hand pump from Draeger is used in an incredibly wide range of industries for gas detection. Scuba divers use it to test the air from their pumps for carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oil mist, and water vapor. Submariners use it to measure oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide, and hydrogen (both 0-2000 ppm and 0 - 4% LEL). More often this versatile, non-electric … read more
Aug 7th 2015

Draeger X-zone 5000 - The Best of Fixed and Portable Gas Monitoring

The X-zone 5000 from Draeger is designed to get workers out safely in the event of an accident. It combines the best of fixed and portable gas detection technology into a wireless and modular defense system against dangerous gas leaks. Draeger has been the company that people who are serious about gas detection and safety have turned to for many years. The X-zone 5000 is another … read more
Aug 26th 2013

What are the Differences Between Single-Gas H2S Monitors?

Here at PK we sell lots of gas monitors. A large portion of those sales are for single gas hydrogen sulfide (H2S) monitors. Because we sell several brands and models of single gas monitors, the question is inevitably "what's the difference?" First let's start with the industry leader in single-gas H2S monitors - the BW Honeywell Clip H2S Monitor. This is a 2-year, fixed-life … read more
Dec 5th 2012

Buying Gas Monitors in Bulk - What you Need to Know

If you are tasked with buying your company's gas monitors, and you need a whole lot of them, give us a call. Because we are one of the largest distributors of gas monitors in America, we can provide a great price for your bulk buy. Selling gas detectors is a big part of what we do here at PK Safety Supply. We have factory-trained experts on staff and 40 years of experience in selling a … read more