Draeger Accruo Pump Provides Simple Gas Detection in a Complex World

Draeger Accruo Pump Provides Simple Gas Detection in a Complex World

The Accuro manual hand pump from Draeger is used in an incredibly wide range of industries for gas detection. Scuba divers use it to test the air from their pumps for carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oil mist, and water vapor. Submariners use it to measure oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide, and hydrogen (both 0-2000 ppm and 0 - 4% LEL).

More often this versatile, non-electric bellows-style pump is used in industrial plants and factories to provide quick, reliable readings of everything from hydrogen sulfide to the more exotic gases such as ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen chloride (HCI). In fact Draeger has colorimetric tubes for an incredible variety of gases and measuring ranges. Over 200 types of tubes are able to be used to measure more than 500 different gases. From contaminants in compressed air to more technical gases produced in factories and laboratories the accuro pump, which also comes as part of a kit, is a relatively inexpensive and reliable way to do the important work of measuring gas levels. Specialized tubes can also be used over an extended period of time, such as a full shift at work, to determine workers' daily exposure to onsite gases.

Draeger came out with their first detector tube in 1937. Since then, they have become the world leader in gas and vapor analysis. And while the Draeger company produces more sophisticated gas measuring devices such as the X-am 5000 four-gas monitor, the Draeger Tubes have been a user favorite for over 70 years. Likely it's because the Accuro pumps don't need to be calibrated or bump tested, and they have an extremely low cost of ownership over the course of their operating life.

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