Draeger X-zone 5000 - The Best of Fixed and Portable Gas Monitoring

Draeger X-zone 5000 - The Best of Fixed and Portable Gas Monitoring

The X-zone 5000 from Draeger is designed to get workers out safely in the event of an accident. It combines the best of fixed and portable gas detection technology into a wireless and modular defense system against dangerous gas leaks.

Draeger has been the company that people who are serious about gas detection and safety have turned to for many years. The X-zone 5000 is another in a long line of innovative safety devices that uses cutting edge communications technology combined with top-of-the-industry gas sensors. Simply insert one of the Draeger X-am 5000 or X-am 5600 multi-gas detectors into the R2D2-like unit, and you have a diffusion monitor that will alert all workers in the area if a dangerous level of the tested gases is present with a (frankly) piercing audible alarm and red flashing LED lights.

The X-zone 5000 is a modular unit, so it can be linked with other X-zone 5000 units operating on the same wireless channel. Up to 25 units can be operating to protect workers around a work site. Once the units are communicating, any of the sensors that pick up gas will immediately go into alarm. The X-zone 5000 that has picked up the gas will alert workers nearby (and a long way off) and will flash red LEDs. The other units in the daisy chain will also go into alarm but will flash red and green LEDs.

This provides workers a pathway of safe exit. By staying away from the X-zone 5000s which are flashing all red, they know they are going toward an area that is free of gas, at least for the moment.

Another way the X-zone 5000 area monitors can help is with confined space entry. Attendants on the outside of a Permit Required Confined Space (PRCS) don't need to see or be in communication with the confined space entrants in order to know that a dangerous atmosphere has developed. They can begin their emergency aid, or at least be ready to help far more effectively. And the wireless capabilities of the X-zone are far superior to hard-wired communication solutions.

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