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Jan 5th 2015

Full and Half-Face Respirator Mask from Moldex

Ebola was exciting wasn't it? I'm not talking about the terrible disease that some African countries are still struggling with. I'm talking about those amazing news reports getting everybody all whipped up. While we talked about basic precautions against the more likely scenarios, we are not the largest news agency in the world (shocking, I know). Now we are overstocked on some of our best r … read more
Oct 10th 2012

What are the Best Goggles for Women and Kids?

Working at a safety company, I find myself using the gear we stock in non-traditional ways. And I often need to outfit people with smaller face and hands. Luckily gloves often come in a variety of sizes these days. But for folks looking for safety goggles to fit different sized faces, the choices aren't so broad. This past weekend a group of dads and sons headed to the hills for … read more
Goggles and Face Shield That Work Over Prescription Glasses?
Jul 30th 2012

Goggles and Face Shield That Work Over Prescription Glasses?

There is a lot to like about the Capstone Goggles with Combination Face Shield from Pyramex Eyewear. For one thing, it gets rid of the need for secondary eye protection which is required when you are wearing a regular face shield. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear. And it makes you look a little like Jason from Friday the 13th. But when I was watching their video about this new produc … read more