Goggles and Face Shield That Work Over Prescription Glasses?

Goggles and Face Shield That Work Over Prescription Glasses?

There is a lot to like about the Capstone Goggles with Combination Face Shield from Pyramex Eyewear. For one thing, it gets rid of the need for secondary eye protection which is required when you are wearing a regular face shield. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear. And it makes you look a little like Jason from Friday the 13th. But when I was watching their video about this new product, I was skeptical about the part where it says you can wear it with your regular prescription glasses.

Really? Just pop them on over my glasses? That never works. And I'm sure if you have giant coke-bottle glasses it might not. But I'm here to say, the Capstone goggles with combo face shield worked great over my glasses.

Goggles with Face Shield Also Fit Prescription Glasses

The vinyl piece that conforms to the face is comfortable and deep enough so my glasses weren't hitting the front of the goggle lenses. Where the goggles seal around the glasses is wrapped far enough back behind my temples, at least for my glasses, that it just pulled the arms a little closer to my head. Granted I probably don't want to wear them all day every day. But there aren't too many jobs that require that, thank goodness.

And if I really did want to wear this contraption on my face every day, there is an available prescription insert for the GG504TSHIELD as well.

Oh, and one more thing to like about this Pyramex safety goggles/face shield combo - extra visor tear-offs are available in packs of 6. If your lens gets scratched or covered in paint, just peel off a layer, and you're back to the crystal clear vision. Like wipers for your goggles. Nice.

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Jul 30th 2012 Justin McCarter

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