Full and Half-Face Respirator Mask from Moldex

Full and Half-Face Respirator Mask from Moldex

Ebola was exciting wasn't it? I'm not talking about the terrible disease that some African countries are still struggling with. I'm talking about those amazing news reports getting everybody all whipped up. While we talked about basic precautions against the more likely scenarios, we are not the largest news agency in the world (shocking, I know). Now we are overstocked on some of our best respirators, and if you haven't added them to your Walking Dead safety kit, or you just need great lung protection, now is a great time to pick up Moldex full-face and half-face respirators.

The reusable Moldex 9000 full-face respirator is great for a range of projects and work sites. Not only does it offer a comfortable face seal and lung protection, but also makes jobs with flying particulate matter easier to deal with. Filtered air breathed in first hits the lens of the mask. This smart design helps keep fogging to a minimum. The lens offers an excellent field of vision and is scratch resistant.

The full-face 9000 has design simplicity. Very few parts, so overall maintenance is simple. The face opening is large so getting the mask on and off is simple, and the strap buckles are durable and made for rugged use.

Cartridges and filters from Moldex fit both the 9000 Full-Face Mask and the 7000 Half-Face Mask which makes ordering for the whole team easier if you are using both styles at your facility.

The 7000 Half-Face Mask is low-profile, lightweight, and has a comfortable face seal for long-term wear. For convenient storage the mask can drop down around the neck or be easily adjusted for a secure fit on a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. The adjustable head cradle provides added comfort. Because the Moldex half-face mask has such a low profile, it's ideal for fitting under welding helmets and comfortable to wear with safety glasses.

Both of these models are well-priced and provide outstanding value as well as protection. If you're looking for a quality alternative to the higher priced 3M respirators, Moldex is a great way to go.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our experts at 1-800-829-9580.

Jan 5th 2015 Justin McCarter

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