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New Pyramex Proximity Safety Glasses: Comfortable, Stylish & Safe
Mar 3rd 2016

New Pyramex Proximity Safety Glasses: Comfortable, Stylish & Safe

By Marketing at Pyramex Safety Products When it comes to safety wear, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style when you wear glasses from Pyramex Safety Products. As a leader in the safety eyewear industry, Pyramex continues to develop innovative products with the daily user in mind. The Proximity – new from Pyramex – is comfortable, stylish, and safe. At only 26.3 gram … read more
Jun 17th 2013

Why Your Employees Don't Wear Their Safety Glasses

We all know the best type of safety gear is the kind workers want to wear. There are piles of brightly colored vests and harnesses and hard plastic safety glasses in shops across America that don't fit comfortably and doesn't get used. They pinch, or they bind, or just look ridiculous. Certainly that has been the case with safety eyewear over the years. Some of the old safety eye protection are … read more
Goggles and Face Shield That Work Over Prescription Glasses?
Jul 30th 2012

Goggles and Face Shield That Work Over Prescription Glasses?

There is a lot to like about the Capstone Goggles with Combination Face Shield from Pyramex Eyewear. For one thing, it gets rid of the need for secondary eye protection which is required when you are wearing a regular face shield. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear. And it makes you look a little like Jason from Friday the 13th. But when I was watching their video about this new produc … read more
Jul 25th 2012

Eye Protection is Looking Better Than Ever

When my dad worked he'd wear safety glasses. I'd find them behind the seat of his El Camino on the weekends. They were the standard issue  glasses that made him look like he might work in a laboratory instead of at a sign manufacturing yard. They were square, uncomfortable, fogged up quickly, and were not something you'd be caught dead wearing outside of work unless you forgot them in y … read more
Nov 23rd 2011

The Best Safety Glasses

What are the best safety glasses? The short answer: Any pair that you or your workers will actually wear. First, a riddle: why don’t starfish wear sunglasses? Aside from any personal reasons, starfish don’t have eyes. Yes, that's the end of the joke. Worker's eyes are fragile and unlike hair, fingernails, or skin, cannot be regrown. At least not yet. Until then, proper eye safety is critical … read more