Eye Protection is Looking Better Than Ever

Eye Protection is Looking Better Than Ever

When my dad worked he'd wear safety glasses. I'd find them behind the seat of his El Camino on the weekends. They were the standard issue  glasses that made him look like he might work in a laboratory instead of at a sign manufacturing yard. They were square, uncomfortable, fogged up quickly, and were not something you'd be caught dead wearing outside of work unless you forgot them in your truck or because you were taking the shingles off your roof. I'd put them on just to look silly.

Lately though, there has been a trend toward safety glasses that people actually want to wear. My dad would have worn them. He likes looking good. And like all safety gear, it's only useful if it's being worn. Uncomfortable, heavy, or just plain ridiculous looking safety eyewear is not going to be donned as often as glasses that are lightweight, comfortable and good looking. Right? Right.

Pyramex Eyewear makes over 70 different types of safety glasses. Some of them even look like the ones my dad wore, though they are much more comfortable. When Pyramex started making wrap-around safety glasses, it was purely for the safety they offered. Wrap-around glasses help keep airborne particles out of a worker's eyes better than flat lens glasses.

But as the style of sunglasses began trending in the wrap-around direction, Pyramex found they could make stylish glasses that also provided outstanding protection as well. Case in point, the Goliath. These popular safety glasses (a term that was very recently an oxymoron) combine a lightweight, comfortable fit with impact protection and unrestricted vision. They do all the things a quality pair of sunglasses do - 99% protection from UVA and UVB rays, cool look, comfortable fit - with all the benefits of tough eye protection.

If workers have a choice between looking like a lab geek and wearing something they'd be happy to wear even if they weren't at work, studies have shown (no, we didn't really do a study) that they choose the cool stuff every time. And if you do happen to be wearing your safety glasses at the beach when a bottle cap goes flying at your eye, you have the added security of knowing your lenses are ready to take the impact and keep you safe. In fact the only problem you may have is when your kids borrow your safety glasses without asking. That just never would have happened with the old ones.

Jul 25th 2012 Justin McCarter

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