Why Your Employees Don't Wear Their Safety Glasses

Why Your Employees Don't Wear Their Safety Glasses

We all know the best type of safety gear is the kind workers want to wear. There are piles of brightly colored vests and harnesses and hard plastic safety glasses in shops across America that don't fit comfortably and doesn't get used. They pinch, or they bind, or just look ridiculous. Certainly that has been the case with safety eyewear over the years. Some of the old safety eye protection are both ugly and uncomfortable. Which makes the new line of Carhartt safety eyewear made by Pyramex a site for sore eyes in more ways than one.

Carhartt has been designing work wear for over 120 years. Chances are you are familiar with their brand if you work in a shop, doing construction, for a utility, or in some other potentially dirty job, as Mike Rowe would put it. Carhartt recently collaborated with the eye safety experts at Pyramex and the results are a line of work/safety glasses that are good looking, incredibly safe, durable, and comfortable.

The Carhartt line of safety glasses consists of everything from simple, inexpensive glasses such as the Carhartt Billings model with wrap-around coverage, and protection against impact and UV rays, to super stylish half-frame design of the Thunder Bay. Models like Thunder Bay and Ironside offer superior UVA and UVB protection as well as looks that are completely appropriate off the job site as well as on.

Many of the Carhartt safety glasses line, including the Carthage glasses, have anti-fog lens options. The Carthage glasses fit into the cross-over or sealed eyewear category that is so popular in medium and heavy industry these days. Lightweight and comfortable, the Carthage features interchangeable temple arms and an elastic strap like a pair of goggles. It also features foam padding around the eyepieces which form a more complete seal and provide superior protection against dust and debris. Even with the excellent seal the foam provides, there is still plenty of air flow to keep them from fogging.

Innovative technology combined with comfortable design and materials make the Carhartt line of protective work eyewear the type of PPE employees will want to wear. It's also exactly the type of eye protection we'd expect from anything manufactured by the folks at Pyramex Safety Products. Stay safe and look cool. It's no longer impossible.

Jun 17th 2013 Justin McCarter

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