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Jul 29th 2013

Less is More with the Miller AirCore Harness

Working at height can be challenging enough without having safety equipment that binds and weighs you down. Many of our customers climb regularly, and the feedback we are getting about the Miller AirCore Full-Body Harnesses is positive across the board. There are a range of requirements for harnesses meeting OSHA and ANSI fall safety standards. With the AirCore, Miller has manag … read more
Apr 15th 2013

Latchways offers Self-Rescue for Fallen At-Height Workers

At height workers, whether they are working solo or as part of a team, must be supplied not only with proper fall protection, but also a plan for rescue. If you or a co-worker fall and aren't able to conveniently self-rescue, what is your plan? Typically workers wearing self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) are generally stopped quicker and closer to the spot they fell from than work … read more
Mar 18th 2013

The Bay Lights LED Sculpture Installed on SF Bay Bridge

On March 5th, a Tuesday, the western span of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco Bay was transformed into a 1.8 mile long art installation while continuing to serve as a major traffic artery for the area. The project involves over 25,000 LED lights attached to the vertical suspender cables of the bridge and coordinated into computer-driven imagery. The artist, New York-based and Yale-e … read more
Mar 11th 2013

Know When to Take Your Harness or Other PPE Out of Service

Harnesses are made to protect you in the event of a fall. But they're not made to protect from multiple falls over time. That won't stop workers from suiting up for work today wearing their "lucky harness" that saved them last June.The problem is, that lucky harness isn't going to be so kind the next time something happens. According to Miller (now under the umbrella of safety giant Honeywell), … read more
Feb 25th 2013

Self-Rescue Harness Provides Fast Relief for Fallen Workers

Lots of folks out there are finding they need to put together a post fall rescue program. But wouldn't it be easier if a fallen worker could simply rescue themselves? How much time and manpower could be saved, not to mention allowing the fallen worker to avoid the discomfort and possible long term health effects of suspension trauma. Now there is a product called the Latchways Personal Rescu … read more
Feb 20th 2013

Do Workers Need Fall Protection on Scissor Lifts?

Scissor lifts are one of the most popular ways for workers to reach projects at heights. But do the guard rails on these lifts provide all the fall protection necessary for the workers utilizing them? The American National Safety Institute ( ANSI) deems guard rails around the work platform to be a sufficient fall prevention measure. But in practice they may not be. Fall protectio … read more
Jan 23rd 2013

Suspension Trauma Straps Can Fit Most Harnesses

Workers and employers are becoming more aware of the problems associated with suspension trauma (also called orthostatic intolerance) which can affect a fall victim who is held aloft by their full-body harness. What people have been asking with some regularity lately is if the suspension trauma straps from one company will work with a harness from another. The answer, as far as we can tell w … read more
Oct 1st 2012

How Do I Connect My SRL to My Genie Scissor Lift?

Boom trucks, scissor lifts, and other Genie Lift work vehicles are everywhere these days. A question we receive regularly is how workers should hook up their fall safety equipment to the work platforms. Workers operating between 6 and 18 ft. above the closest obstacle, even if they are just passing through those heights, need to be wearing either complete fall restraint or a self-r … read more
Jul 9th 2012

Rebel 33 ft. SRL A Great Choice for Fall Protection

The Rebel 33 ft. self-retracting lifeline is a great choice for fall protection in a wide range of industries. This durable, affordable SRL comes with a number of functions and accessories that generally cost extra. First it comes with a heavy-duty carabiner that is self-closing and self-locking. This attaches to the swiveling anchor loop at the top of the housing. On the lifeli … read more
May 16th 2012

The Compatibility of Fall Protection Equipment

Several of our users have asked us about the compatibility of fall protection components between different manufacturers. OSHA, in their wisdom, writes thousands of words on the subject, but in a way that only an attorney would be able to understand. We'll try to distill the issue so that everyone gets it. No. Don't use a lanyard from one company and an anchorage or other device from anot … read more
Dec 5th 2011

10% Off of Positioning Lanyards

Positioning lanyards are an essential element of many job sites in the work at heights industry. Rope positioning lanyards are for workers who have a little more freedom to move about, but who want to keep away from the edge. People who work on towers or wind turbines need to stay close to the vertical structure. They use chain rebar assembly lanyards, which allow them to work with both hands a … read more
May 27th 2011

The DBI-SALA Demonstration Truck Comes to PK Safety!

Yesterday was an exciting day at PK Safety. A representative for Capital Safety and DBI/SALA came to show us some of their most popular products in action. The most exciting part of the visit, besides brushing up on our wealth of fall protection knowledge, is that their demonstration truck has the capability to do test drops. We were able to look at simulated falls with a restra … read more