Less is More with the Miller AirCore Harness

Less is More with the Miller AirCore Harness

Working at height can be challenging enough without having safety equipment that binds and weighs you down. Many of our customers climb regularly, and the feedback we are getting about the Miller AirCore Full-Body Harnesses is positive across the board.

There are a range of requirements for harnesses meeting OSHA and ANSI fall safety standards. With the AirCore, Miller has managed to meet these standards using 16% less material overall. The results are greater mobility, reduced weight, and significantly increased comfort. The padding is also made of highly breathable material that sheds heat and moisture quickly.

These are all sufficient reasons to bring the Miller AirCore harnesses onto your work site. But the added wearability features go further. The back D-ring stands up for easy attachment, and the cam buckles offer one-handed adjustments. The patented DuraFlex webbing, in the easy to identify bright green color, stretches slightly while you move about the site offering comfortable movement as you position yourself to complete your projects.

The hardware of the AirCore harnesses are available in either durable steel or lightweight aluminum. Whichever option you choose, the AirCore provides superior flexibility in a lightweight package that is ideal for workers who wear their harness for extended periods of time, even all day, every day at-height workers.

Available in a variety of styles from the simple dorsal D-ring harness to the AirCore positioning harness with side D-rings to the full-on protection of an AirCore with lumbar support and positioning D-rings, Miller has serious at-height workers covered.

If you have additional questions about the Miller AirCore fall protection line, please contact us online at or call us at 1-800-829-9580. As always, thanks for reading.

Jul 29th 2013 Justin McCarter

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