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Bomb Cyclone: Put Your Cold Weather Protection On
Jan 12th 2018

Bomb Cyclone: Put Your Cold Weather Protection On

The coldest time of the year is upon us. 2018 started with a massive winter storm on the East Coast followed by brutally cold conditions. Wind chill warnings were issued in most of the East Coast states. Wind chill is based on the rate of heat loss from the exposed skin caused by wind and cold. As wind increases, it draws heat from the body and drives down internal body temperature. F … read more
How to Choose The Best Kevlar Gloves in 6 Simple Steps
Apr 13th 2017

How to Choose The Best Kevlar Gloves in 6 Simple Steps

Kevlar, a lightweight material five times stronger than steel, was discovered by a chemist Stephanie Kwolek half a century ago. Today, it is a component material used in numerous products ranging from protective vests and helmets to airplanes and cell phones. Per Scientific American, “Kevlar fiber has a density of 1.4 grams per cubic centimeter compared with iron's 7.9 grams per cubic c … read more
PK Safety Holiday Gift Guide
Dec 16th 2016

PK Safety Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday season should be filled with joy and happiness, but not the anxiety that comes along with trying to find the perfect gift. Can't figure out what to give to that handy person? Take a look at the list of the latest and greatest safety products. These are some of our top picks for gifts to give to your friends and family, or to your employees. 1. MCR Safety Forceflex Anti-I … read more
Innovative Kevlar Gloves Have Touch Screen Capability
Mar 15th 2016

Innovative Kevlar Gloves Have Touch Screen Capability

Factory workers, light industry, glass cutting and operations, metal stamping and sheet metal workers run the risk of slices and cuts to their hands. So do extreme snowboarders apparently since DuPont™, who manufactures the space-age Kevlar® yarn, chose to introduce the MCR 9178NFO gloves last year at the Winter X Games in high-fashion and high-safety orange. These MCR Safety glo … read more
Sep 9th 2014

Lead Dust Protective Gear for Fishermen Melting Lead

There are many types of fishermen out there. You've got your novice line-tanglers, commercial long liners, bass addicts, deep sea cigarette smokers, ticklers, ice fishermen, bow and arrow types. And while many folks like to fish, there are some anglers who operate further out in the deep end. I'm talking specifically about that special, dedicated breed of fisherman who make their own lead weigh … read more
Aug 20th 2014

The Top Upgrades for Gloves and Harnesses

Just as there are plenty of cars that will get you from A to B, just like safety equipment that will keep you safe and cover your OSHA requirements. But not everyone wants to drive a Smart Car. In fact, if you drive all the time or you have lots of equipment to haul around (to take this metaphor a bit further) that little sucker may not be the right choice at all. Let's take a look at some o … read more
Aug 5th 2014

Ebola Personal Protective Equipment Information

Fear of Ebola is spreading much faster than the actual virus. We've been inundated with questions over the past week about protective clothing. And since the internet is filled with the opinions of Preppers and armchair physicians weighing in on the decision to transport American aid workers infected with Ebola to an Atlanta hospital, we decided we'd weigh in with our more informed recommend … read more
Jul 8th 2014

LOVE these MaxiFlex Glove! But...

We get lots of questions about the products we sell. It's nice when we have the perfect answer. (Yes, it happens often.) Recently a mail handler sent us a note. Actually it was an email, so we'll withhold her name in case she gets in trouble with the snail mail police. At her job she deals with parcels, letters, and large envelopes mainly, but dabbles in crates and tubes. Wait, is a tube a parc … read more
Jun 16th 2014

Safety Equipment Suitable for the Zombie Apocalypse

At PK Safety we're as worried about the Zombie Apocalypse as anybody. Maybe more. And while we lack chainsaws or longswords in our warehouse, we make up for it with loads of other nifty and useful equipment. Whether you're running for your life, or looking for the cure, PK Safety should definitely be on your to-do list before the web disappears for all eternity. Photo credit: Rober … read more
May 26th 2014

Oil Rig Hand Injuries

The bubbling crude needs more to get it out of the ground than a shotgun these days. (If you don't get this reference, you obviously didn't watch The Beverly Hillbillies as a kid.) Heavy equipment and worker injuries seem to go hand in hand (pardon the pun). Hand injuries make up nearly 50% of incidents in the oil & gas industry. More than any other body part, injured hands and fingers create l … read more
Mar 6th 2014

A Work Safety Kit with Everything for Your New Employees

For a ready-made, one-click solution to putting personal protective equipment on your employees, check out the PK Safety PPE Kit. Each kit arrives in a poly bag ready to pass out. Hearing protection, hand protection, eye protection, a hard hat, and a reflective safety vest are all included. Each piece of this safety kit meets OSHA safety standards. The Evolution 6121 hard hat is … read more
Jan 22nd 2014

The Best Safety Gloves For Chefs and Bartenders

Under California's new food safety law, restaurant workers who handle food that will be served uncooked must wear gloves. Not only cooks, but bartenders who handle ice or fruit garnishes will be affected. And of course sushi chefs. While the effectiveness of the law will be debated for a long time, we'd like to concentrate on the best types of gloves for the workers and how many they will us … read more