Innovative Kevlar Gloves Have Touch Screen Capability

Innovative Kevlar Gloves Have Touch Screen Capability

Factory workers, light industry, glass cutting and operations, metal stamping and sheet metal workers run the risk of slices and cuts to their hands. So do extreme snowboarders apparently since DuPont™, who manufactures the space-age Kevlar® yarn, chose to introduce the MCR 9178NFO gloves last year at the Winter X Games in high-fashion and high-safety orange.

These MCR Safety gloves feature a patent-protected DuPont™ material. So don't go trying to make your own. It's protected. Good news is so are you if you're using them. They have an ANSI Cut Level 4 which is especially outstanding when you factor in the excellent dexterity and thermal protection.

Since so many workers need to access touch screens, these MCR gloves feature conductive thread which allows users to manipulate touch screen devices. And those devices won't slip out of their hands either. The 9170NFO gloves have a thin nitrile foam coating that allows for a sure, tacky grip.

MCR Memphis gloves are designed for excellent fit and durability. Gloves have come a long way since the big, boxy leather palm and canvas gloves our grandfathers wore. These gloves are state of the art, designed for comfort, and slice, puncture, and tear resistant.

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Mar 15th 2016 Justin McCarter

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