LOVE these MaxiFlex Glove! But...

LOVE these MaxiFlex Glove! But...

We get lots of questions about the products we sell. It's nice when we have the perfect answer. (Yes, it happens often.) Recently a mail handler sent us a note. Actually it was an email, so we'll withhold her name in case she gets in trouble with the snail mail police. At her job she deals with parcels, letters, and large envelopes mainly, but dabbles in crates and tubes. Wait, is a tube a parcel? I don't know. She's the expert in mail. We're the experts in gloves.

She wrote: "LOVE these G-Tek MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-874 Gloves! But the tips of my fingers wear through quickly. Is there a similar glove with a thicker coating on the fingertips?"

Yes and no. Behold the G-Tek MaxiFlex Elite 34-244! This glove delivers all the features of the popular Ultimate gloves, including the thin coating of nitrile. It provides excellent grip, works just fine in an environment with light oil, and provides excellent dexterity and feel. But it also provides even greater abrasion resistance than the Ultimate. The fingers and palm have micro dots which increase durability and offer a slight but important bit of cushioning. For someone looking for better durability, these micro dots are just the ticket.

There's no chance these gloves will be marked "Return to Sender." Like her old gloves, the MaxiFlex Ultimate are made with a knit weave that creates comfortable liners that don't have any penetration of the nitrile coating to the inside. This soft liner is smooth against the skin and breathable. Most coated gloves are fairly hot. Because the dip for the fingers and palms doesn't breath, they start roasting pretty quickly. The MaxiFlex gloves, in contrast, have AirTech Technology. (That's right, patented. Boom.) It features thinner coatings that allow some permeation of air for a cooler hand while working.

The price difference is inconsequential. It's about six cents per pair. That number might make a difference if you're buying 100,000 pairs (and if that's the case, give us a ring at 1-800-829-9580 and I'm sure we can work on that price a bit for you) but for most of us, we just want the right glove for the job.

If your job is handling mail, we think you can't go wrong with the MaxiFlex Elite.

What job do you have that requires good gloves? Send us a letter and let us help. Or just email. It might be quicker.

Jul 8th 2014 Justin McCarter

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