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Aug 7th 2014

How To Safely Remove Contaminated PPE Clothing

In order to get out of your protective clothing without subjecting yourself to the materials you've been so careful to avoid, field decontamination procedures should be followed carefully. This process does not make the garment safe for re-use. Rather it is a way to extricate yourself from the clothing that has protected you before it is discarded. DuPont's protective Tychem garmen … read more
Nov 6th 2013

The Right HazMat Coveralls For The Type of Work You Do

With so many hazards and so many types of coverall protection, it's difficult to know what's right for they type of work you do. Here are our suggestions for protective clothing for the most common workplace hazards. I'm a big believer in the old grease monkey coveralls. I wear them when I'm working on my car or doing other non-toxic jobs. But once you move from sweeping up dust or … read more
Jan 7th 2013

DuPont HazMat Training Suit Used in TV's The Office

Some of the specialty products we sell on PK Safety aren't items you typically see in the media. So we were quite surprised to see the DuPont Tychem HazMat Training Suit will be part of the wardrobe on The Office on NBC Jan 9th, 2013. The episode is about an infestation of lice in the office. As the parent of a 9- and an 11-year-old, I have had more than enough experience with l … read more
Creative Costume Ideas
Oct 24th 2011

Creative Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, it's high time to start thinking about costume and party ideas! PK Safety receives quite a bit of business from Halloween party-goers during this time of the year, and we're always amazed by the creative uses people find for our products. In this post, we'll review a handful of items that have been popular in the past. Construction worker costumes se … read more
Aug 25th 2011

Memphis 9378T Cut and Heat Resistant Kevlar Knit Sleeves

When we think about safety gloves, our minds tend to drift to an image of heavy-duty, drab material that although they do protect your hands, they don’t always allow you to really handle the finer things in life. The idea of having an arm and hand protector made for easily maneuvering your hands and fingers sounds almost too good to be true. Lucky for us, MCR Safety has created just the thing! … read more