Creative Costume Ideas

Creative Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, it's high time to start thinking about costume and party ideas! PK Safety receives quite a bit of business from Halloween party-goers during this time of the year, and we're always amazed by the creative uses people find for our products. In this post, we'll review a handful of items that have been popular in the past.

Construction worker costumes seem to be a hit because they're comfortable and can be put together right out of the box. Start with a work shirt and jeans, then pick your favorite model from our wide selection of safety vests. Top it off with the hard hat of your choice and a pair of safety boots, and you'll wind up with the most authentic costume at the party with minimal fuss.

Astronaut Costume

If you're a little more crafty and a little less rushed, a DuPont 1414 Tyvek Coverall Suit is the only way to go. Though these white plastic jumpsuits can get warm, their built-in hoods and gray booties make them ideal for astronaut costumes. Creative customers have also re-purposed this suit into a Hazmat crew costume, and we're sure that there are many other possibilities.

If you should decide to assemble a Hazmat suit or are looking for a novel Halloween party decoration, be sure to have a look at our caution and biohazard tapes. This stuff can be incorporated into everything from zombie costumes to punch table centerpieces. We also enjoy using it around the office.

PK Safety wishes you a safe and happy Halloween! Be sure to drop us a line if you use any of these ideas or come up with new ones!

Oct 24th 2011 Rick

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