Memphis 9378T Cut and Heat Resistant Kevlar Knit Sleeves

Memphis 9378T Cut and Heat Resistant Kevlar Knit Sleeves

When we think about safety gloves, our minds tend to drift to an image of heavy-duty, drab material that although they do protect your hands, they don’t always allow you to really handle the finer things in life. The idea of having an arm and hand protector made for easily maneuvering your hands and fingers sounds almost too good to be true. Lucky for us, MCR Safety has created just the thing! The Memphis 9378T 18” knit sleeves are made of DuPont Kevlar brand fiber and are the perfect “safety” glove for the smaller, less dangerous jobs. This sleeve is made to protect your wrist and forearm from not just cuts and burns, but is also great for general protection, arm-wraps, or even just for keeping your arms warm while on the job.

Kevlar is perhaps the most widely used high performance material for industrial applications. It is a successful material due to its tremendous tensile strength relative to its light weight, and is ideal for cut-resistant, and heat-resistant gloves and sleeves in tough work environments. Temperature wise, the basic Kevlar thread/material/fabric exceeds the performance of many other materials as it can withstand temperatures up to 1000° Fahrenheit, while retaining its strength properties.

These sleeves are cut and heat-resistant, not heat-proof. This particular Kevlar sleeve however, is double ply, which provides an added layer of protection from cuts and burns. It will not melt, ignite or conduct electricity. The stretch fabric with a thumb slot makes it possible to be worn in conjunction with cut resistant gloves if need be. These sleeves are double ply, which makes them great for working around hot steam or exhaust pipes or other minor contact that could potentially burn your forearm.

These sleeves are also great for slicing type cut and scratch protection for glass and sheet metal jobs. With the thumbhole, they stay in place, will fit either hand, and even though they are one size, we have had customers who wear size XXL who find that these sleeves work perfectly for them.  The gloves also have 2% moisture absorption, so after laundering they will maintain their neat, hygienic appearance. Did we mention they are bright yellow? With such a vibrant color, you’ll never lose track of these or get bored of them!

Regardless of the job, the Memphis 9378T Cut and Heat Resistant Kevlar Knit Sleeves are great for general safety. They are lightweight and durable so you can easily throw them in your work bag and take them where ever you go. And we sell them individually, so you don’t have to worry about having one too many.

Check out our video where we demonstrate just how great these sleeves actually are!

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