DuPont HazMat Training Suit Used in TV's The Office

DuPont HazMat Training Suit Used in TV's The Office

Some of the specialty products we sell on PK Safety aren't items you typically see in the media. So we were quite surprised to see the DuPont Tychem HazMat Training Suit will be part of the wardrobe on The Office on NBC Jan 9th, 2013.

The episode is about an infestation of lice in the office. As the parent of a 9- and an 11-year-old, I have had more than enough experience with lice combs and shampoo that burns your scalp, so I can appreciate the desire to fully encapsulate your body rather than let those critters near you (the bugs, not the kids). Unfortunately for anyone who might be trying to glean important lice-fighting information from this show (granted the number is probably pretty low) the TK587S from DuPont is only for training, and will not protect you from either hazardous materials or the wingless insects of the order Phthiraptera.

Clearly the EX Commander Level A suit with dual exhaust valves and extra wide face shield is the way to go! Sure they are pushing $1,000 and will take 6-8 weeks to arrive, but once they do, you can sit on the couch, watch TV, even give those scratching kids a big hug. Those tk55lice are not getting through the 40 mil PVC/5 mil Teflon/20 mil PVC construction to bother you.

Some might consider this a drastic measure. At PK Safety, we are here to indulge the most lice-phobic among us. And once you have it, keep that suit around for future infestations. The EX Commander also provides protection against weapons of mass destruction chemicals such as Lewisite, Mustard, Tabun, Sarin, Soman, and VX!

So thank you to The Office  for letting folks know about this ingenious new way to prevent the spread of lice. And thank you DuPont for making suits even the most dogged of pests can't get through.

Jan 7th 2013 Justin McCarter

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