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Jul 24th 2015

What are the Best Work Harnesses for Women?

There are more women performing work that requires personal protective equipment (PPE) than ever before. A 1999 OSHA report stated that poorly fitting safety gear did not function properly nor provide the intended protection. While the situation has improved in the past 13 years, there still are relatively few full-body work harnesses that fit most women well. There are some opt … read more
Jul 20th 2011

Exofit NEX Harness Belt Sizing

If you have ordered a harness from DBI-SALA in the past you may recall that they come with a belt that is one size up from the harness, that is to say, if you ordered a medium harness, it would come to you with a large belt. The rationale behind this being, that once you have all of your work clothes on and the padding in the harness, a larger size belt would be needed to get around all of this … read more
May 27th 2011

The DBI-SALA Demonstration Truck Comes to PK Safety!

Yesterday was an exciting day at PK Safety. A representative for Capital Safety and DBI/SALA came to show us some of their most popular products in action. The most exciting part of the visit, besides brushing up on our wealth of fall protection knowledge, is that their demonstration truck has the capability to do test drops. We were able to look at simulated falls with a restra … read more
Mar 3rd 2011

Selecting a Fall Protection Harness

I often get questions about which fall protection harness is the best. Although the answer may depend on the application, there is one line that seems to stand above the rest. Let’s look at this recent question: I am looking for the lightest and safest possible harness for my workers to use at our wind site. We are currently using Exofit harnesses by DBI/SALA, but they are a few years old … read more
Nov 8th 2010

What is a Self-Retracting Lifeline?

Over the years we have had a lot of questions about fall protection. It can have disastrous consequences if you don't have the right type. That being said, fall protection, in general, has been getting better and better. Here is a common discussion I have regarding SRL's. What is an SRL? While some people believe SRL stands for Self-Retracting Lanyard, it really is an abbreviation for Sel … read more