The DBI-SALA Demonstration Truck Comes to PK Safety!

The DBI-SALA Demonstration Truck Comes to PK Safety!

Yesterday was an exciting day at PK Safety. A representative for Capital Safety and DBI/SALA came to show us some of their most popular products in action. The most exciting part of the visit, besides brushing up on our wealth of fall protection knowledge, is that their demonstration truck has the capability to do test drops.

We were able to look at simulated falls with a restraint lanyard, a shock pack lanyard, a shock wave lanyard and an SRL. It was amazing to see this in person, but even more amazing to look at the videos we took of the demonstrations in slow motion.

Lucky for you at home, we did shoot videos of all of the demonstrations. We have also slowed down some of the footage so you can fully see the impact on the test weight. It’s amazing how much force can be gathered in such a small falling distance.

We will be posting the videos we took on our Facebook page so be sure to follow us so you can see the videos as soon as they are available! We will also be posting the videos directly on our website on our fall protection page.

These videos are truly a must see. If you want to know how your fall protection is keeping you safe, there is no better way than to see it in action! Here is a little intro to really build up the anticipation.

Fall Training Intro Video

DBI DemoFall protection demoCapital Safety Fall Protection Demo

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