Selecting a Fall Protection Harness

Selecting a Fall Protection Harness

I often get questions about which fall protection harness is the best. Although the answer may depend on the application, there is one line that seems to stand above the rest. Let’s look at this recent question:

I am looking for the lightest and safest possible harness for my workers to use at our wind site. We are currently using Exofit harnesses by DBI/SALA, but they are a few years old and we are looking to update. What do you recommend?

DBI-SALA has been at the leading edge of harness design for some time. I would recommend sticking with DBI-SALA ExoFit. When making the choice between this brand and its competitors, there is just no comparison. Our customers agree: it has been our best selling brand since it came out, even though these harnesses can be 3-5 times the price of economy models. For the best quality and design, stick with DBI-SALA.

There are some ExoFit harnesses designed specifically for wind site applications. The ExoFit NEX Wind Energy Construction Style Harness is a good choice. This fall protection harness features front, back and side d-rings with a sewn-in hip pad and body belt, and yet still weighs only 6 lbs. The ExoFit NEX 5-point Wind Energy Harness has front, back and side d-rings, and weighs just 4 lbs. The new Tech Lite forged aluminum hardware used with these harnesses is so lightweight it feels like plastic, and allows these harnesses to keep the weight down and the features up.

The NEX Wind fall protection harnesses have many unique features. One in particular that we like is the ‘World Standard’ approach to meeting government approvals. This means you have OSHA, ANSI, CSA and CE approvals in one piece of gear. For our customers with operations in multiple countries, this can be quite a relief. For instance, when a US company is doing work in Canada, the OSAH/ANSI tags don’t mean much; they want to see the CSA mark. Same goes for EU countries; they look for the CE logo.

As always, if you’re not sure which harness is right for you, feel free to contact us and ask.

Mar 3rd 2011 Administrator

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