Exofit NEX Harness Belt Sizing

Exofit NEX Harness Belt Sizing

If you have ordered a harness from DBI-SALA in the past you may recall that they come with a belt that is one size up from the harness, that is to say, if you ordered a medium harness, it would come to you with a large belt. The rationale behind this being, that once you have all of your work clothes on and the padding in the harness, a larger size belt would be needed to get around all of this.

The belts are somewhat adjustable and the discrepancy in sizing only rarely seemed to present itself as a problem.

If you were to order an ExoFit NEX harness today, it would come with a belt the same size as a harness. This means, a medium harness now comes with a medium belt. Again, belts are adjustable so this is rarely an issue.

In either case, we occasionally have a customer who needs a different size belt (it was rarely too big, and now it is rarely too small). If this is the case for you, we do sell the belts separately to ensure that every customer can have a harness that fits!

If the belt that came with your harness in too small to work, we can order a larger belt for you. Since our customers have a problem with belt sizing so infrequently, we do not have them on our website, but they are available. If you would like to order a different size belt, please contact us at 1-800-829-9580.

The medium size replacement belt is part number 1000709, and currently sells for around $52 (1000717=XL, 1000708=SM, 1000716=LG).

Stay safe out there!

Jul 20th 2011 Administrator

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