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5 Things You Didn't Know About Bug Repellent and Flame Resistance
Jun 10th 2015

5 Things You Didn't Know About Bug Repellent and Flame Resistance

Summer is right around the corner, are you adequately protected? Depending on your geographic locale, some insect borne illnesses that you may be at risk for are: Lyme disease, Heartland virus, West Nile disease, and more.There are many repellent ingredients and application types on the market. Depending on the work environment you need to use it in, there can be unique advantages and disa … read more
Jun 24th 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot

Whether you believe in global warming or not, summer is here and it's getting plenty hot. Loading up on sunscreen and other products for the heat is a bright idea that will keep your team healthy and protected. Heat stroke, sunburn, exposure to poison oak, and even bee and wasp stings are much more likely in the summer months. Get the right products for the season delivered quickly from PK S … read more
Feb 20th 2012

15% Off Coretex Hand Sanitizer

PK Safety Supply is excited to offer fifteen percent off Coretex hand sanitizer until March 20, 2012! Just visit and enter the code CLEAN15 at checkout for instant savings! Let’s go in for a closer look at this great product. Over the past few years, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become increasingly popular, both for convenience and effectiveness at fightin … read more
10% Off the Coretex Outdoor Skin Protection Kit
Jan 16th 2012

10% Off the Coretex Outdoor Skin Protection Kit

PK is excited to offer a ten percent discount on the Coretex Outdoor Skin Protection Kit between now and January 29, 2012. This is one of those things I wish I would have had on any number of my outdoor (mis)adventures when I was a kid. For instance, one summer I went on a canoeing trip on the Sugar River in Wisconsin. I managed to acquire what was known as the  “triple threat,” th … read more
Oct 3rd 2011

Bug Spray Wipes - Towelettes Avoid Spray

There is nothing worse than getting yourself all decked out for a job—sorting your ropes out, tying off and donning your harness (preferably in the right order)—hitting the work site only to realize it’s covered by a cloud of mosquitoes. Bugs are an unavoidable force of nature, a constant threat of irritation and distraction, as well as a genuine health hazard. So when you’re on the job, … read more
Protecting Yourself from Sun Damage on the Job
Feb 12th 2009

Protecting Yourself from Sun Damage on the Job

Since sunscreen seems more and more essential these days, I thought it would be good to review some thoughts about protecting yourself from solar radiation. This has been a popular topic year after year. And since I have fair skin, it is one I take personally. Here in sunny California, it may only be February, but with our drought conditions, the risk of sunburn starts early. In the weeks … read more