15% Off Coretex Hand Sanitizer

15% Off Coretex Hand Sanitizer

PK Safety Supply is excited to offer fifteen percent off Coretex hand sanitizer until March 20, 2012! Just visit and enter the code CLEAN15 at checkout for instant savings! Let’s go in for a closer look at this great product.

Over the past few years, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become increasingly popular, both for convenience and effectiveness at fighting germs. These gels are more than a fad. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend using alcohol sanitizers on the job if the hands are not visibly dirty. In multiple studies, the gels have removed 99% of harmful germs, which far exceeds the stats displayed by traditional hand washing.

Sinks and bathrooms are not necessarily the cleanest places. It is likely you have used a bathroom at some point in your life that make you feel as though sanitation was an alien concept to the proprietors! Another problem with traditional hand washing concerns time. For instance, health care professionals or chefs need every spare second and the quick dry time of these products, coupled with their germ killing power, explains why it is very likely to see a dispenser of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in nearly every room of a hospital or clinic.

Coretex products have long been a standard in effectiveness and range of choice. Their line of hand sanitizers is no exception. Not only do they boast superior germ killing power, but they have added nutrients and vitamins that ensure the health of the skin, such as aloe vera and vitamins A and E. PK’s selection of Coretex sanitizers come in a variety of sizes—from one ounce to one gallon—that are perfect for the glove compartment, tackle box, boat, kitchen, cubicle, or waiting room. A dispenser for hand sanitizers sends a powerful message to customers or co-workers that their health is a central concern. Also, workplaces that devote attention to cleanliness have far fewer absences and boast higher productivity and worker happiness. With PK Safety’s generous discount, all of these benefits come with increased savings. Stock up today!

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