10% Off the Coretex Outdoor Skin Protection Kit

10% Off the Coretex Outdoor Skin Protection Kit

PK is excited to offer a ten percent discount on the Coretex Outdoor Skin Protection Kit between now and January 29, 2012. This is one of those things I wish I would have had on any number of my outdoor (mis)adventures when I was a kid. For instance, one summer I went on a canoeing trip on the Sugar River in Wisconsin. I managed to acquire what was known as the  “triple threat,” that is, poison ivy, oak, and sumac! I got poison oak from touching the bow of a canoe, which did not seem fair. Add to that a healthy helping of mosquito bites and I was one unhappy camper!

After looking through what this little pack has to offer, it really struck me how much better that canoe trip would have been if I had packed one of these kits. Not only are there packets of repellant for the triple threat, but also cleansing wipes for things like canoes, fishing poles, boots, or whatever else that may have touched the itch weed. And what outdoors pack would be complete without bug repellant? This packet comes with it, of course, but it also comes with anti-itch cream.  If you forget to put on the repellant, then at least you have a backup in case fate catches up with you.

Coretex sample kits

Other packets include sunscreen, relief for burns and stings, and hand sanitizer. This would be a perfect gift for anyone who does anything outdoors, whether that is hardcore wilderness camping, beach cookouts, summerhouse entertaining, sailing, hiking, etc. The list could go on endlessly, because this little pack has so many possible applications. Repellants and relief creams spoil just like anything else, so if you have some of this stuff and it is more than a few months old, then it is time to clean house! It can easily be stowed in the glove box, golf bag, or tackle box. When it’s needed, this packet of protection is a sight for sore eyes. To get this offer simply enter the coupon code CORETEX10 at checkout between now and January 29, 2012 to receive your discount.

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