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Retrofit Notice on DBI-SALA Advanced Adjustable Offset Davit Systems
May 19th 2016

Retrofit Notice on DBI-SALA Advanced Adjustable Offset Davit Systems

Have you purchased one or several of the following products? Capital Safety has determined that these following DBI-SALA Advanced Adjustable Offset Davit Systems manufactured before 1/1/16 do not fully meet some of the loads specified for certain davit adjustment positions as represented in the "Instruction for Use" (IFU) manual & product labels. This is NOT a recall and there … read more
Sep 19th 2014

Confined Space Entry – What to Take When You Go

There are some tools and equipment that anyone performing confined space entry must have to ensure the safety of their workers. Whether your company has determined that confined space procedures need to be developed for your on-site hazards, or if you are a contractor performing a one-time job, equipment such as a gas detector, ventilation fan, harness, tripod and winch will be essential for yo … read more
Apr 18th 2012

When an SRL is Fully Extended, Is There Any Cable in Reserve?

A customer recently wrote to ask us the following question: If my 6 ft. self-retracting lifeline (SRL) is pulled all the way to the end, is there any excess line/cable left on the reel if I take a fall? The answer is yes, there will be an extra turn or two left to insure that the force of a fall won’t tear the webbing or cable off the reel.  The length of an SRL is generally me … read more
Feb 14th 2012

The Nano-Lok from Capital Safety - The Next Step in Fall Protection

Every once in a while there is an innovation in fall protection that changes the face of worker safety. The Nano-Lok self-retracting lifeline from Capital Safety is that kind of device. If you had a choice of falling 15 feet or 20 inches, which would you prefer? We’ll go with the 20 inches, thanks. Take a look at our video showing the features of this new piece of fall protection. We t … read more
Dec 5th 2011

10% Off of Positioning Lanyards

Positioning lanyards are an essential element of many job sites in the work at heights industry. Rope positioning lanyards are for workers who have a little more freedom to move about, but who want to keep away from the edge. People who work on towers or wind turbines need to stay close to the vertical structure. They use chain rebar assembly lanyards, which allow them to work with both hands a … read more
Jul 20th 2011

Exofit NEX Harness Belt Sizing

If you have ordered a harness from DBI-SALA in the past you may recall that they come with a belt that is one size up from the harness, that is to say, if you ordered a medium harness, it would come to you with a large belt. The rationale behind this being, that once you have all of your work clothes on and the padding in the harness, a larger size belt would be needed to get around all of this … read more
May 27th 2011

The DBI-SALA Demonstration Truck Comes to PK Safety!

Yesterday was an exciting day at PK Safety. A representative for Capital Safety and DBI/SALA came to show us some of their most popular products in action. The most exciting part of the visit, besides brushing up on our wealth of fall protection knowledge, is that their demonstration truck has the capability to do test drops. We were able to look at simulated falls with a restra … read more
Apr 28th 2011

Rope Grabs and Lifelines v. SRL's

Here is a recent question I got on the application of rope grabs, lifelines and SRL’s. I hope you find it interesting: My company works in the residential sector of construction and renovations. Most of our work requiring harnesses is scaffold work for exterior finishing. At present we use a vertical line with a rope grab and 4 foot lanyards. I want to eliminate the possibility of workers … read more
Nov 8th 2010

What is a Self-Retracting Lifeline?

Over the years we have had a lot of questions about fall protection. It can have disastrous consequences if you don't have the right type. That being said, fall protection, in general, has been getting better and better. Here is a common discussion I have regarding SRL's. What is an SRL? While some people believe SRL stands for Self-Retracting Lanyard, it really is an abbreviation for Sel … read more
Oct 18th 2010

How to Know When to Replace Your PPE Gear

When using fall protection, even if you have the appropriate protection for your setup, it is important to know when to replace your gear. I recently got a question asking just that: I recently noticed that this hook does not look like the others. There is a red band on top of the hook and something appears to be missing in the same area. I have attached photos of the hook. Can you please … read more