The Nano-Lok from Capital Safety - The Next Step in Fall Protection

The Nano-Lok from Capital Safety - The Next Step in Fall Protection

Every once in a while there is an innovation in fall protection that changes the face of worker safety. The Nano-Lok self-retracting lifeline from Capital Safety is that kind of device.

If you had a choice of falling 15 feet or 20 inches, which would you prefer? We’ll go with the 20 inches, thanks. Take a look at our video showing the features of this new piece of fall protection. We think you’ll agree, the Nano-Lok is best thing to happen to fall protection in a long time.

We all agree that self-retracting lanyards provide superior fall protection. But until now, they have been prohibitively expensive. With the Nano-Lok, Capital Safety and DBI-SALA offer a retractable device for about the same price as a traditional shock-absorbing lanyard.  Shop our selection now.

Video Transcript

00:24 Fall protection has come a long way. Hi I’m Justin from PK Safety, here to introduce you to the newest innovation in self-retracting lifeline technology, the Nano-Lok from Capitol Safety and DBI-SALA.

00:40 The Nano-Lok SRL is compact and lightweight, it’s designed with multiple anchorage attachments and lifeline options and it can attach to the back of your harness, to a cab mounting in a vehicle, or to an overhead attachment point. The Nano-Lok features an ergonomic design, the housing is impact resistant, and the attachment points are ideal for almost any type of harness. This versatile SRL can easily be used as a traditional lanyard replacement in either single or double leg configurations.

01:10 But above all else, the Nano-Lok is safe. SRL technology keeps tension on the lifeline. This’ll help reduce snagging and trip falls from your lanyard. The automatic arrester stops falls far quicker than a traditional lanyard and reduces fall distance and fall clearance. Step up to the ultimate in fall protection safety, new Nano-Lok SRL from Capitol Safety and DBI-SALA, available from PK Safety.

Feb 14th 2012 Justin McCarter

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