Protect Your Hands With HexArmor

Protect Your Hands With HexArmor

The most common injury among all construction and industrial workers is a hand injury. Makes perfect sense. Our hands are the tools we use most often. And we've all probably put them places we shouldn't. To better protect your important assets, new gloves from HexArmor have been added to our PK Safety site.

Glove science has made big advances over the past 10 years. Didn't realize there was such a thing as glove science? Well there is. We send our Customer Service Reps to glove school all the time so they can be up to date with the latest in thumb crotch construction and high-tech materials.

For instance the  HexArmor Cut Resistant Glove NXT 10-302 has a proprietary, cut-resistant SuperFabric that covers the primary knife strike areas. This glove is ideal for workers who need high levels of both cut resistance and dexterity. These string knit gloves are sold individually, but since they have protection on the front and back of your thumb, index, and middle fingers they can be worn ambidextrously.

HexArmor also makes what we universally call mechanic-style gloves. These are workman's gloves that feature increased grip capabilities for oily work environments as well as impact padding for the back of the hand. Increasingly these gloves have become a staple for riggers and other oil rig workers.

The HexArmor Rig Lizard Cut Resistant Gloves 2021 are made specifically for this market segment. Since hand injuries are so prevalent in oil and gas production, many safety managers are turning to gloves that feature full-hand exoskeleton protection.

Another HexArmor glove made for riggers is the Rig Lizard 2025 which feature even greater exterior protection, though at a cost of some dexterity. The Rig Lizard gloves offer outstanding protection from cuts and abrasions as well as incredible grip characteristics.

Protecting the hands is one of the best ways to keep employees on the job and keep them safe. If you have questions about cut resistance, puncture resistance, mechanics gloves, riggers gloves, or any possible glove combo question, give our folks at Customer Service a ring at 800-829-9580 and they'll get someone who's been to glove school on the phone to talk to you. You can count on it. (Get it? Gloves, fingers, counting...oh never mind.)

Jan 26th 2015 Justin McCarter

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