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Jan 26th 2015

Protect Your Hands With HexArmor

The most common injury among all construction and industrial workers is a hand injury. Makes perfect sense. Our hands are the tools we use most often. And we've all probably put them places we shouldn't. To better protect your important assets, new gloves from HexArmor have been added to our PK Safety site. Glove science has made big advances over the past 10 year … read more
Cold Weather Hand Protection for Oil and Gas Workers
Nov 10th 2014

Cold Weather Hand Protection for Oil and Gas Workers

We've written in past posts about the importance of hand protection in the oil and gas industry. The statistic that 50% of injuries in this field are to hands probably isn't terribly surprising considering the work, but it does point to the need for better protection as well as improved processes that keep hands out of potentially damaging situations. While hand protection has improved … read more
May 7th 2012

The Greatest Pair of Gloves Ever

The ATG G-Tek MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile-Coated Gloves are possibly the greatest gloves ever, if you believe the people who have taken the time to write reviews to our site. Even the titles of their reviews are very positive - "The Bomb Gloves" (not sure what that means, but the rest of the five-star review is exceedingly positive), "Awesome" writes Will from Hell, Michigan, "Best Light Work … read more