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Jan 26th 2015

Protect Your Hands With HexArmor

The most common injury among all construction and industrial workers is a hand injury. Makes perfect sense. Our hands are the tools we use most often. And we've all probably put them places we shouldn't. To better protect your important assets, new gloves from HexArmor have been added to our PK Safety site. Glove science has made big advances over the past 10 year … read more
Jan 13th 2014

MaxiFlex Gloves Part of the String Knit Glove Category

Gloves are sometimes difficult for the layperson to locate online if they don't know the exact name of the glove they are looking for. The reason is partly because the glove nomenclature is tough to figure out if you're not a glove manufacturer or a safety expert. To help sort it all out we'll try to explain one of the most popular categories and provide links to the different types of gloves w … read more