DuPont Tyvek 400 Disposable Hazmat Coverall Suit TY122SVP

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The Tyvek TY122SVP HazMat Coverall Suit is our most popular hazmat suit for professionals and those working on home improvements. This particular suit (TY122SVP) is offered individually wrapped and labeled, which makes it easy to see what size and style you have and keeps the suit clean during distribution. Check out the Lead and Asbestos Removal Kit that gives you everything you need to complete home improvement projects.

The TY122SVP Coverall Suit provides protection from many hazardous materials and skin irritants such as fiber insulation and dust. This Coverall Suit is suitable for a range of jobs including paint spraying, mold treatment, and lead or asbestos abatement work. Tyvek protective suits are able to breathe so they don't get too hot, but they stop dangerous particles down to 1 micron in size.

The Tyvek TY122SVP Coverall with attached hood and booties is often used by people removing lead pipes, asbestos or lead paint from structures. Painters use the DuPont HazMat Coveralls when spraying oil or epoxy-based paints, and they are used for a range of general clean up, healthcare, and maintenance work. Tyvek can only handle a little "light liquid splash" so it is generally better at protecting against dry substances. If you need protection against liquid, take a look at the Tychem series also from DuPont. If in doubt about the size, go up one size. These suits do not stretch.

Key Features:

  • Protective barrier to particles down to 1 micron
  • Protection for lead and asbestos abatement
  • Elastic wristbands
  • Attached hood and booties
  • Designed for maneuverability, comfort, and durability
  • These suits come individually poly bagged and labeled

Material Specifications:
Tyvek material is non-woven and made from flash spun, high-density polyethylene. It is a proprietary product made only by the DuPont company. 

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Size Chart:

Part Numbers:
TY122S-MDVP - Medium
TY122S-LGVP - Large
TY122S-XLVP - Extra Large
TY122S-2XVP - 2X Large
TY122S-3XVP - 3X Large
TY122S-4XVP - 4X Large
TY122S-5XVP - 5X Large


Additional Details:

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70 Reviews

  • 5
    Great product - DuPont Tyvek 1414 HazMat Coverall Suit TY122SVP

    Posted by Chuck on Jun 20th 2016

    Used this suit along with gloves I purchased and a filtered breathing mask I already owned. Used it for poison ivy and poison sumac removal from my yard. Did get a bit hot after a few hours but did protect me 100% with no out break or rashes afterwards. Will be purchasing another in the future when neighbors poison takes over my fence line again.


  • 5
    Everything was great

    Posted by Lillian on Oct 8th 2015

    Everything was great. The products held up nicely, the sizes fit for both of us but most of all, the combo of the mask and the filter that was suggested to me for both cat urine and debris was perfect. I had to shift the mask off my face as it started to hurt my nose and in that one second could smell the overpowering smell in the room. These masks and filters were perfect (sizes fit well for both of us). When on I could smell nothing and felt my lungs were protected. My only suggestion to the manufacturer of the coveralls would be to have elastic band on the wrists. There were roaches and I worked slower on this clean-up than I should have been so roaches would not crawl up my arms. Rubber bands I brought were either too big or too tight. Otherwise I felt very well protected but the smell of cat urine did remain on my old sneakers which I planned to throw away anyway. My sister put 2 plastic bags on her sneakers before placing the coveralls on and that helped preserve her sneakers. No odor was transferred...and you can not blame the sister never picked up their mess and they do not want to be in that apt either. They were running around happy in their new cleared clean space.

  • 5
    Exactly What I Needed

    Posted by ItsWildBill on Jun 17th 2015

    I ordered four of these suits because I'm using chemical sprays to fight a fungal infection on some of my trees. The suit fits fine, had plenty of room, and was comfortable enough for the time I had it on. And it's easy to just take it off and toss it once I'm through with spraying.

  • 5
    DuPont Tyvek HazMat Suit

    Posted by Chuck on Apr 22nd 2015

    Got XL, and it fit well and I'm 6' tall about 190 pounds fit. Put rolled insulation in my attic and came away with no itching. Not bad for under $6.00. Like others, I was impressed with the great price, fast shipping (and I selected snail mail).

  • 5
    Protective suit

    Posted by Fred on Feb 17th 2015

    Very good product for the price!
    I highley recommend this product!
    I couldn't b happier with this product or company thanks

  • 5
    DuPont Tyvek HazMat Suit

    Posted by IrishEyes777 on Jan 30th 2015

    We had to have our elderly auntie cared for and her caretakers wore these suits to protect her as well as themselves from germs. They worked out great, and at the super low price offered for multiple suits, we felt secure in the fact that all involved would be safely equipped. The built-in shoes protected the white carpet and the parquet floor so that was a plus. The hood was not so much in use, but we could see that many industries and jobs could use the entire suit with ease.

    The full front zipper makes ingress and egress very easy. Great product with a great price.

  • 5

    Posted by SARGE on Jan 20th 2015

    Great quality and just what I needed.

  • 4
    good to keep on hand

    Posted by DLS of KY on Nov 5th 2014

    I was looking for something to protect me as I bellie crawled around it a tight crawl space. I got the hazmat suit, respirator and goggles and felt like I was completely isolated from the dirt, mouse poo, spiders and degrading insulation. After about an hour of worming my way through the nasty mess, I came out, blew the debris off the suit and came out of it. I was pleased to see the suit was still in good shape. I plan to always keep some of these suits on hand for really yuckie jobs.

  • 5

    Posted by nighthawk on Jul 28th 2014

    I bought these for protection during weed control operations on gravel roads....mixing concentrate and possible overspray is always a concern, I was able to do my job quickly and efficiently without too much concern knowing I had enough PPE to protect myself from the chronic effects of long term exposure that could result if I had not bought this product from you ,,,,thanks again,