PureFlo ESM+ PF60 PAPR Helmet PR05801-_-0_1

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$1,967.62 - $2,075.79
PureFlo ESM+ PF60 PAPR Helmet PR05801-_-0_1
$1,967.62 - $2,075.79


PureFlo ESM+ PF60 PAPR is a self-contained head mounted powered air purifying respiratory helmet designed for maximum mobility and protection all in one package. The unit comes with a high-efficiency HE P-100 filter or a combination HE/HF/HC filter so you can rest assured that you are not breathing in all of those harmful and hazardous particulates. Both filters remove 99.97% of the liquid or solid based contaminates. The HF filter is also effective in removal of nuisance levels of other organic and inorganic gases and vapors, including chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, ozone, and acid gases. This unit is lighter and smaller than most of the other PAPR. This unit does not have the hassle of hoses and extra parts getting in the workers way while working. Instead the positive pressure system provides a constant flow of clean air which is sucked through the HE P100 filter located on the back of the helmet. You will get the protection that you need and the satisfaction in knowing that you are breathing cool clean air. 

Due to current operating conditions relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19), this product is not returnable.

Applications: Smelting, Construction, Metal Recycling and Welding

Key Features:

  • No trailing leads, hoses or cables for maximum mobility, reliability and less maintenance.
  • No belt mounted blower unit required which improves comfort
  • No need for Fit Testing
  • Able to have facial hair when wearing PAPR Helmet
  • The unique air circulation system creates a smooth continuous flow of air
  • The advanced electronics package within the ESM+ cprovides a self-diagnostic system check
  • The improved electronics provide an increase flow rate at 8.1 CFM/230Lpm
  • Contains a fully capsuled blower module with a single 7-way IP67* connector
  • Adjustable flame retardant Neck Cape, when sealed, creates self-contained positive pressure environment
  • APF of 1000 shown by a Simulated Workplace Protection Factor (SWPF) study
  • Wide vision face-shield manufactured from high impact-resistant polycarbonate with anti-mist and anti-scratch coating. (ANSI Z87+ compliant)
  • Hard Hat provides ANSI Z89.1
  • Quick Release Headband for simple cleaning and adjusting
  • Cable clamps adds relief of strain
  • Choice of HEPA (HE) filter or a combination HE/HF/HC filter (Hydrogen Fluoride and Hydrogen Chloride); both remove 99.97% of liquid or solid based contaminants; effective for removal of nuisance odors from organic vapors.
  • Includes a corrosion resistant gold-plated battery and updated rustproof hardware
  • Redesigned PCB with new electronics board and an altitude sensor which adjusts automatically.
  • Enhanced Blower/Motor assembly

Specification Sheet:

 Specification Sheet

Parts and Accessories:

 Parts and Accessories

Part Number:
PR05801-B-0A1 Hard Hat Black, HE Filter
PR05801-V-0A1 Hard Hat Hi Viz Yellow, HE Filter
PR05801-W-0A1 Hard Hat White, HE Filter
PR05801-Y-0A1 Hard Hat Yellow, HE Filter
PR05801-B-0C1 Hard Hat Black, HE/HF/HC Filter
PR05801-V-0C1 Hard Hat Hi Viz Yellow, HE/HF/HC Filter
PR05801-W-0C1 Hard Hat White, HE/HF/HC Filter
PR05801-Y-0C1 Hard Hat Yellow, HE/HF/HC Filter

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Additional Information

Protection From:
liquid or solid based contaminants, nuisance odors from organic vapors
5.00 LBS
12.00 (in)
10.00 (in)
17.00 (in)
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