Moldex 7740 Semi-Rectangular P100 Filter Disk (30 pairs/case)

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NIOSH Items: We only sell brand new respirators, filters, and dust masks from US based manufacturers. Since it can be difficult to determine if a respirator or mask has been used or even just tried on, for the protection of our customers, we do not accept NIOSH returns.

Moldex Semi-Rectangular P100 Filter is used in conjunction with the 7000/7800 Series Half Mask & 9000 Series Full Face Respirators. The P100 Filter, also known as particulate or HEPA filter is for protection against hazardous airborne particles or irritants. Provides 99.97% efficiency or greater in filtering out oil-based and non-oil based particulate aerosols. Sold by the case (30 pairs).

Key Features:

  • With enhanced airflow and breathability, Moldex’s new P100 filters are a boost in comfort, wear, and compliance
  • Increased surface area means longer service life and lower cost of ownership
  • P100 Particulate filter is lighter than traditional filter cartridges
  • Encased in Dura-Mesh for durability and rough handling
  • NIOSH certified
  • Can be used with 7000, 7800, and 9000 series respirators
  • NIOSH certified; efficiency level of 99.97% or greater against both oil and non-oilbased particulate aerosols
  • Meets heat and flame resistance in accordance with ANSI/ISEA110-2009 Section 7.11.1
  • 100% PVC-Free for reduced environmental impact

When To Use The Moldex P100 Semi-Rectangular Filter Disk: This multi-use filter provides respiratory protection in many workplace situations, as well as home use applications. Because of its high efficiency level, the P100 filter is approved for worksites where lead, asbestos, inorganic arsenic, or cadmium is present. A P100 filter is necessary for all tasks that raise any type of dust or radioactive particles, or creates mists, fumes and chemical vapors. Also ideal for non-urethane spray painting (urethane paints that contain isocyanates which cannot be filtered out). As a "P" designated filter, the oil proof particulate filter is effective in work environments where oil particles like cutting fluids, lubricants and glycerin are present. The versatility of the filter also makes it ideal for non-oil applications, such as welding, woodworking, soldering, metal pouring, metal cutting, brazing, torch cutting, undercoating, chemical manufacturing, spray painting and applying pesticides. The Moldex P100 Semi-Rectangular Filter Disk is commonly used in industries like metal processing, fiberglass insulation, mineral processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, construction, battery manufacturing and testing, nuclear, and other environments where small particle dusts can irritate the nose, mouth and lungs of workers. At home, the Moldex P100 Semi-Rectangular filter disk is a must for do-it-yourselfers who weld, work on cars, do woodworking and sanding, or spray paint, especially in poorly ventilated areas. It offers respiratory protection on any project that raises dust or chemical fumes or mists. Artists and hobbyists will find that the P100 Semi-Rectangular filter disk provides more comprehensive protection when wood burning, building smokers, working on cars, or creating fiberglass sculptures. For people with allergies, the P100 filter provides better protection than disposable face masks or dust masks when doing yard work, cleaning with household chemicals, or vacuuming. The Moldex 7740 effectively filters out pollen, mold, dust and other common household irritants.

Multiply Your Protection: You can use the P100 Semi-Rectangular filter as a standalone filter, or for even greater respiratory protection, combine it with a Moldex 7600 Multi-Gas / Vapor Smart cartridge by simply attaching the Moldex 7820 Piggyback Adapter. Think of the Moldex Semi-Rectangular P100 Filter Disk as comprehensive protection when working in any environment where oil or non-oil based particles, fumes, or mists are released into the air. It's the perfect filter for work and home applications and a must have as part of your respiratory protection regimen.

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Additional Information

Protection From:
oil and non-oil based particulate aerosols
Safety Standard:
NIOSH certified, ANSI/ISEA110-2009 Section 7.11.1
Country of Origin:
United States
5.00 LBS
10.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
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