Moldex 9000 Series Full Mask Respirator

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NIOSH Items: We only sell brand new respirators, filters, and dust masks from US based manufacturers. Since it can be difficult to determine if a respirator or mask has been used or even just tried on, for the protection of our customers, we do not accept NIOSH returns.

This full-face respirator from Moldex provides comfortable, lightweight, and affordable lung and face protection. The Moldex 9000 Series Full Face Mask combines technological innovation with ergonomic comfort to offer the best in respiratory protection. Filters and cartridges are sold separately. If you are working on the heating vents or ducts, popcorn ceilings, automotive brake linings, or pipe insulation, we recommend wearing an asbestos mask. A great choice is the 3M Half Face Respirator and 3M Full Face Respirator that offer high level of respiratory protection.


This Moldex respirator is exceptionally lightweight to accommodate the face protector needs of workers in diverse job environments. In fact, it is the lightest of all popular full face respirators on the market. The full face ventilator weighs less than 12.7 ounces, providing all-day comfort that makes workers more inclined to wear the protective facemask. Using innovative frameless construction technology, the reusable respirator is also designed for durability with harness straps molded securely onto the flange and a scratch resistant lens secured with a revolutionary over-molded flange design rather than clunky clamping found on other reusable respirators.


The affordable, reusable 9000 Series full-face breathing mask gets high marks for comfort with its slide-on head harness with a wide opening and one finger ratchet fastening strap release system that makes it a breeze putting the mask on and off. The facepiece also features a super wide, full face viewing lens which provides a larger field of vision.

Integrated Exhalation

With an exhale valve built-in and an easy lock system, attaching filters and cartridges to the breathing mask is a breeze.

Easy Maintenance

Despite its sophisticated design, this lightweight respirator is easy to maintain. That?'s because there are fewer parts to worry about and absolutely no metal parts. What?'s more, the lens is easy to clean and its design eliminates scratching when the safety respirator mask is put down. All these features make maintenance of the Moldex 9000 Series Full Face Mask Respirator effortless and less costly.


  • Accelerated Aging/Conditioning Tests: The full face mask respirator withstood temperatures of 160 degrees F and 90% relative humidity for 7 days AND negative 10 degrees below F and 10% relative humidity for 7 days.
  • Lens Tests: The face shield lens did not get damaged when a 1 pound, 1.63 ounce projectile with a pointed edge was dropped from a height of 50 inches. In addition, the lens remained intact when a 0.25-inch steel ball traveling at a speed of 250 feet per second hit it. The perfect scores achieved by this safety facepiece in these tests comply with the high impact eye protection standard under ANSI Z87 and other ANSI standards for safety glasses.
  • Strap Cycle Tests: The respirator mask strap remained intact after it was put on and off 500 times. Plus, the harness, buckles, and straps did not falter after a 10-pound weight was put on and taken off them more than 250,000 times.
  • Exhale Valve Cover Cycle Test: After being opened and closed 15,000 times, the exhale valve cover on the respirator remained good as new.
  • Cartridge Cycle Test: The cartridges used with this full face breathing apparatus were attached and removed 500 times, yet remained in tip-top shape.

Because the workplace facemask is metal-free and PVC-free, it is the perfect choice for refinery safety equipment, mine safety equipment, and for other industries where the use of metal equipment can be hazardous. The full face oxygen mask is also ideal for medical lab safety, automotive safety, and waste processing.

From hazmat workers to auto body and refinishing workers to textile workers, the Moldex 9000 Series Full Face mask Respirator fits any job where odors and irritants are a concern. When it comes to inexpensive respirators for your own business or to meet your workplace respiratory protection program, there's no better deal than this full face respirator.

No matter your occupational safety or environmental safety concerns, this lightweight facemask accommodates all types of filtering cartridges. It provides OSHA, ANSI and NIOSH compliant lung protection for employees in chemical manufacturing, foundries, aluminum processing, boat building, electroplating and jobs using paint, embalming fluids, adhesives, or other lung-irritating odors. As a gas mask, it accommodates filtering cartridges that protect against hazardous gas and vapors.

For a user-friendly air purifying respirator, no other compares with the Moldex 9000 Series Full Face mask Respirator. It?'s industrial safety gear that fits your compliance requirements and meets the wearability concerns of your workers. You might think that all this innovative technology and multitude of features would cost more, but in fact, this reusable full face respirator, complete with a tear away lens protector and reusable storage bag, is priced to meet your budget. Take the lead in your industry and equip your employees with the leading safety full face mask respirator for better workforce production and compliance.

Cartridges and Filters Sold Separately.

Can be used with:

7600 Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart Cartridge

7940 P100 Filter

7920 Piggyback Adapter

Full Face Lens Protector Sheets

*Note: Please fit test each user to ensure the respirator will work properly for full protection and reference OSHA regulations on respiratory protection (29 CFR 1910.134).

Part Numbers:
9001 - Small Full Face Respirator
9002 - Medium Full Face Respirator
9003 - Large Full Face Respirator

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