Workplace Hearing Protection: What to Wear in Your Work Environment

Workplace Hearing Protection: What to Wear in Your Work Environment

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. As many as 40 million adults under the age of 70 may have some form of hearing loss in one or both of their ears as a result of noise, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Hearing loss can affect anyone instantly or over time, and while it can’t be fixed, it’s preventable. It’s a great time to drop by a hearing clinic and get your ears tested for hearing damage, especially if you have or already at risk for hearing loss. Keep these workplace hearing loss avoidance tips in mind.

Keep Your Whole Body Healthy

Keeping every part of your body healthy keeps your ears healthy as well. If you’re a smoker, quitting can help your ear health—smoking cuts off the oxygen supply from the body’s cells, including those in the ears. Getting your blood sugar levels checked regularly can also catch any imbalances and help protect your entire body, including your ears.

Avoid Loud Environments When Possible

It can’t always be helped, but moving away from the source of a loud noise or lowering the volume can do wonders for avoiding hearing damage. Concerts, construction zones, and any other loud work environments or equipment can cause significant hearing damage, so it’s important to get your hearing tested and buy protective hearing devices for the activity you’re involved in.

Hearing bands are a good option for workers who are in and out of noisy environments. PK Safety recommends the comfortable and effective Howard Leight QB2HYG Hearing Band and Hearing Band QB3HYG.

Wear Noise-Canceling Headphones

Some workers try to cover up worksite noises by listening to their personal music players. However, this requires turning up the volume to dangerous levels and putting extra strain on your ears. The key to protecting your hearing is to reduce noise pollution, which noise-canceling headphones are designed to do.

We recommend the bestselling Howard Leight Leightning L3 Earmuff for just about any task. The 3M Welding Earmuffs H505B are designed to be used with other welding equipment for that industry’s unique needs. For noise cancellation in cold environments, try the 3M Peltor H10A Ear Muff.

Don’t Stick Anything Inside Your Ear Canal

Sticking things in your ears is a bad idea. Listen to your doctor when they tell you not to stick cotton swabs in your ears to clean them, as this will only create an uncomfortable build-up of wax and debris and could actually puncture your eardrum. Choose comfortable noise protection devices that won’t go too far into your ear canal.

For sudden impulse noises, we like the Moldex BattlePlugs Shooting Ear Plugs. For a customizable fit, the Moldex Glide Twist in Ear Plugs will provide the comfort you need. For the highest hearing protection of any push-in product with convenience and comfort, you can’t go wrong with the E-A-R Push In Soft Touch Ear Plugs.

Protective Hearing Options from PK Safety

Protective hearing options for the workplace can take many forms, and PK Safety is an expert in all of them. We’ve been in the worksite safety business for 70 years and have the answers to your workplace health and safety questions. Contact one of our experts by phone at 800.829.9580 or get in touch online for more information.

Oct 24th 2018 PKSafety Team

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