3M Peltor H10A Ear Muff

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The Peltor H10A, also called the Optime 105, offers comfortable, adjustable, and serious noise reduction. Put these on and you will be amazed at how much noise reduction these earmuffs provide. In addition, the ear pieces are very soft and extremely comfortable. Wear them to be near any loud machinery or mowing your lawn and your ears will thank you. They are consistently the most comfortable on the market and let's face it, if it isn't comfortable, it won't get worn. Well padded and insulated, nice for cold weather. Although the earmuff is a bit snug (some pressure against the side of your head), resist the urge to spread the earmuffs apart, since it will decrease the excellent sound deadening ability of the product. Buy these for extreme protection, but for normal needs (general shop use, loud lawn mowers, etc) the Peltor H9A or Peltor H7A are going to be more comfortable and you may wear them longer. Remember, hearing loss is cumulative, and over time exposure to high dB noise producers (routers, table and miter saws, sanders, nailers, etc) adds up. Once any percentage of hearing loss happens, it is gone forever. It may be tempting to say to yourself that you are only going to make two or three cuts on the table saw, etc and 'to heck' with the ear protection; don't do it! Excellent for high powered chipper shredders or high pitched gas powered weed whackers. However when you are working near a roadway, you must be aware of your surroundings, since you are basically deaf when wearing the Peltor H10A. You may have considered noise cancellation type headphones, but percussive, impact-type noises of a non-repeating nature are not handled well. Noise cancellation headphones work best with low-pitched steady-state noises, such as on an airplane. NRR-30 Sold by the pair.

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