Why Your Business Should Select RKI Gas Monitors and Products

Why Your Business Should Select RKI Gas Monitors and Products

Gas detection is crucial when it comes to the health and safety of your employees. If you fail to monitor your work environment, you could unintentionally expose your employees to hazardous gases, which could lead to a range of health conditions, illness, and even death. Both fixed and mobile gas monitors allow you and your team to protect yourselves from various gas-related hazards in confined spaces, including flammable gases that could combust under the right circumstances. Gas monitors are typically used across a wide range of industries, including utilities, mining, police, fire, rescue, hazmat, shipping, transportation, telecom, refineries, offshore drilling platforms, and petrochemical.

When it comes to choosing the right gas monitors and products for your business, quality is key. If you settle for poorly made or unreliable gas monitors, you could put the health and safety of your employees at stake. RKI is known for manufacturing some of the best multi-gas detectors on the market today. If you want more peace of mind on the job, find out what makes RKI gas detectors superior to those of their competitors.

What Makes RKI Superior to Other Gas Monitor Manufacturers

When choosing gas detection equipment, you should always buy your equipment from manufacturers with a long history of serving the various industries mentioned above. Avoid buying equipment from new, inexperienced manufacturers. When the health and safety of your employees depend on your gas detection equipment, you also need to make sure that the company will be there to assist you and your team if your equipment malfunctions. Having 24/7 access to customer support is crucial when it comes to choosing a gas detection equipment provider.

Established in 1994, RKI Instruments, Inc. provides the expertise and support you need to protect your workers from hazardous gases. The company is partnered with Riken Keiki Co. Ltd., a leader in gas detection and sensor technologies. With over 75 years of experience, Riken has sold over 800,000 portable and fixed gas monitors worldwide. When talking to the team at Riken, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Every employee has an average of 12 years of experience in the gas detection industry and the top six executives have over 80 years of combined experience. The company’s customer service agents will help you find the right gas monitor for your business based on specific applications.

ISO 9001 Certified for More Peace of Mind

The ISO 9001 quality measurement standard is used to ensure businesses and organizations of all sizes are using and adhering to certain safety and regulatory requirements. RKI is an ISO 9001 certified business, which means all their gas detection equipment has been approved for use in the field. Without this certificate, a company may not adhere to these safety regulations, which means their products may not be suitable for use in the field.

Innovating New Gas Detection Solutions

As a leader in the gas detection industry, RKI is always looking for ways to improve its products. Some of their latest projects include:

  • The new RKI SDM-3R Stand Alone Calibration Station is a docking station that can be used as a standalone device for charging, calibration, and bump testing. All readings and reports will be automatically stored to a local PC via a USB flash drive, making it easy to maintain records of your workplace.
  • The RKI RP-3R Sample Drawing Pump For GX-3R Pro is a compact, battery-operated, motorized sample drawing pump that attaches to the RP-3R Pro, which changes it from diffusion operation to sample drawing operation.
  • The RKI GX-3R Pro 5 Gas Confined Space Monitor with Bluetooth is the smallest and lightest 5 Gas Personal monitor, weighing just 4.58 ounces, so your employees won’t get bogged down by equipment in the field. Using Bluetooth technology, it automatically sends gas readings to an app on your smartphone for continuous communication.
  • The RKI GX-3R 4 Gas Confined Space Monitor 72-RA-C- is the smallest and lightest CS Gas Monitor. It uses a new generation of micro sensors for more accurate readings. It also comes with increased resistance to silicone poisoning.

With decades of experience and innovative products, RKI is an excellent choice for multi-gas detectors. To learn more about their products, visit PK Safety, your workplace safety experts. 

Aug 26th 2019 PK Safety Team

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