The Benefits of the Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System from DBI-SALA

The Benefits of the Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System from DBI-SALA

If you use a hoist for confined space entry on a regular basis, the DBI-SALA 8518000 Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System, though more expensive, is so far superior to a standard tripod they are hardly in the same category.

The Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System is designed to make entry and exit of confined spaces quick and reliable.  This system is lightweight, modular, and can be adapted to many different entry scenarios.

Especially popular with municipalities, water districts and other industries that have lots of double-hatch doors as their entrance for confined space entry, the 8518000 is easily managed by two workers.  Because double-hatch entry points are generally much wider than the standard manhole, tripods are generally not capable of providing adequate access.

The DBI-SALA 8518000 Advanced 5 Piece Hoist System is made of aluminum, so it’s amazingly light.  Each piece of the system is easy to carry.  This mobility and ease of set-up is a major advantage over other similar products.  When broken down, the pieces are small enough to fit into the trunk of a mid-sized car, and certainly would fit into the back of a pick-up with room to spare.

No tools are required to assemble the hoist system.  Simply fit the pieces together using pin locks, adjust the leg heights to fit your specific site, and you’ll have a strong, basic structure up very quickly.

Your main winch can easily be attached to the vertical pole for simple lowering and retrieval.  In addition, a secondary winch can also be attached if you are going into a space that doesn’t have a ladder or other means of climbing support.  In that case you will need two winches – one for fall protection, and one for retrieval.  Both winches can fit easily onto this one unit.

One more advantage to the 5818000 over standard tripods or other hoist systems is the pivoting arm.  Even with several hundred pounds of weight, either from a person or a piece of equipment, the top section pivots easily and can move the load out and to the side of the entry point.

Tripods work fine when you only have to use them on the rare occasion, but if you need a dependable system that is a big step up from a standard tripod set-up, you can learn more about the Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System by reaching out to us with questions here.

Feb 22nd 2012 Justin McCarter

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