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May 2nd 2017

PK Safety's Top 5 Paired Safety Products for Cinco De Mayo 2017

Let the Cinco de Mayo festivities begin early! Find your sombreros, grab some amigos, and shop our top 5 must-have safety products, perfectly paired for your easy everyday protection. Pair 1: Gas Detector + Docking Station The BW Clip4 Four Gas Detector provides portable, easy-to-use multi?gas detection that’s always on. It detects Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Carbon mo … read more
Fall Safety: Choosing the Right PPE
Jan 23rd 2017

Fall Safety: Choosing the Right PPE

Today we invite you to take a closer look at what makes 3M DBI-SALA® Fall Protection products a great choice for all your fall safety needs. Fall safety includes any situation where you or your workers are in danger of death or injury in the event of losing your balance or grip while on the job. This includes climbing a ladder, pole or conducting a roof inspection, to doing suspended platform w … read more
Which Tripod is best for Confined Space Entry?
Feb 18th 2016

Which Tripod is best for Confined Space Entry?

There are so many answers to that simple question. One answer might be the cheapest, but that one likely won't be the safest. Far from it. And if you happen to have the pleasure of entertaining an OSHA inspector on your jobsite, it certainly won't end up being inexpensive in the long run. Completing your work without someone getting injured should always be a priority. No job is worth hav … read more
Feb 25th 2015

What's The Best Confined Space Entry Tripod?

There are plenty of companies out there who only do the occasional confined space entry. Their definition of the best tripod will likely be very different from a company, utility, or facility that uses their tripod on a daily or weekly basis. For the first type of buyer, they likely just want something that meets OSHA requirements. They want something they know is going to be safe, and they are … read more
Jan 9th 2015

Pieces of the Confined Space Entry Puzzle

Nearly every type of industrial site has confined spaces - manholes with plumbing, or sheds that house pumps or generators.  These are areas where the atmosphere may become toxic or oxygen-depleted and unsafe for entry.  If you or your crew don't do much work in these areas you may not be aware of the dangers or the regulations surrounding them. Here are a few things … read more
Oct 10th 2014

Top Ten Things to Consider When Entering a Confined Space

Because of the speed with which a worker can become incapacitated, confined spaces require more safety considerations than typical work sites. Anyone entering a place without adequate ventilation must take precautions for their safety. This is especially true for confined spaces where pooling gases or lack of breathable atmosphere combined with difficult entry and exit can prove fatal. Th … read more
Oct 3rd 2014

What is Industrial Confined Space Rescue?

Anyone regularly working in confined spaces knows they can be dangerous; yet confined space work is crucial to a wide variety of industries. When work is being performed in confined spaces, rescue plans must be in place in the event of an accident. Petrochemical sites such as oil rigs, refineries and drug manufacturers need regular site inspection and maintenance; wastewater treatment plants, o … read more
Feb 22nd 2012

The Benefits of the Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System from DBI-SALA

If you use a hoist for confined space entry on a regular basis, the DBI-SALA 8518000 Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System, though more expensive, is so far superior to a standard tripod they are hardly in the same category. The Advanced 5-Piece Hoist System is designed to make entry and exit of confined spaces quick and reliable.  This system is lightweight, modular, and can be ad … read more