DBI-SALA Advanced 5 Piece Hoist System 8518000

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This 5-piece hoist system from DBI-SALA is designed for entry and retrieval in manholes or confined spaces. The 8518000 is a versatile platform for your confined space retrieval needs. Many customers prefer this method over the traditional Confined Space Retrieval Tripod, though this is more expensive. Our municipal customers in particular have found value in the 5-piece concept. If confined space entry and retrieval are daily jobs for you, this system will pay for itself in short order. One of the largest advantages to this design is the open access to both the entrance point (e.g. manhole) and the person being retrieved. Tripods can leave you feeling fenced in, limiting access and flexibility. With the pivoting mast of the 5-piece, either personnel or equipment can be swung away from the hole. Do this a couple of times, and you'll never go back to an A-Frame or Tripod. Constructed of lightweight materials, including high strength aluminum. The base adjusts to fit most entries and other bases are available. The davit-arm pivots for easier rescue and has limited adjustments to meet clearance requirements.

Assembly Includes:
DBI-SALA 8518001 - 11.5 -27.5 inch adjustable offset mast
DBI-SALA 8518002 - 30 in. lightweight lower mast
DBI-SALA 8518005 - 3 piece lightweight base

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