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Apr 11th 2012

8 Most Creative Uses of a Tyvek Suit

It's surprising how many different uses people have for DuPont Tyvek protective suits. From radiation protection to Halloween costumes people continue to find uses for this incredible fabric. Here is a list of our eight favorite. #1 The Dipster disposable bikini is from the 70's (could you tell from the picture?) These Tyvek (swim)suits are still in production, though in a slightly … read more
Mar 7th 2012

Boatyard Protective Gear

The first in a two-part series on boatyard DIY protective equipment: The PK Safety offices are located near a boat repair facility in Alameda California. Each day we see boat owners and crew members working on their boats wearing substandard protective equipment. Sail or power, boat projects often involve coming into contact with some of the most toxic chemical and paint products on the m … read more
Feb 29th 2012

Another Great Use for Tyvek!

Tyvek is a remarkably versatile product.  Over the years our customers have used these protective suits for a wide range of projects from removing asbestos siding to auto painting. What we haven't seen much of until we saw this photo was the fashion potential of the Tyvek suit.  Who knew they would look so fabulous when accentuated by a feather boa?! The photo shows … read more