8 Most Creative Uses of a Tyvek Suit

8 Most Creative Uses of a Tyvek Suit

It's surprising how many different uses people have for DuPont Tyvek protective suits. From radiation protection to Halloween costumes people continue to find uses for this incredible fabric. Here is a list of our eight favorite.

Disposable Tyvek Bikini

#1 The Dipster disposable bikini is from the 70's (could you tell from the picture?) These Tyvek (swim)suits are still in production, though in a slightly less stylish form, for the medical industry. Sorry folks, we are not planning on carrying this item at

Easy snow camouflage in your standard Tyvek 1412 suit

#2 Snow Hunter. No, I don't believe they hunt for Tyvek pelts. But from what I've read (I don't know any winter camo hunter folk myself), the Tyvek suits are an inexpensive winter camouflage solution that can be spray painted to better match the terrain.

Another Use for your Tyvek Suit

#3  Beekeeper Suit.  There is another picture of this beekeeper with a bee in his ear. Yikes. But the Tyvek coveralls provide a seamless jumpsuit that doesn't allow the bees to be accidentally trapped up sleeves or other places you'd rather not have a bee.

Tyvek Protects Against Oil and Other Hazards

#4 Oil Response and Clean-Up. Sure this one is a little more standard, but still a great use for Tyvek. The Tyvek material protects the user's skin for particles down to 3 microns. Tar balls and oil won't get through. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, Pool)

Scientists Don Tyvek Suits

#5 She Snow-Blinded Me with Science! Arctic scientists in Greenland don Tyvek suits to keep samples from being contaminated.

Tyvek Material Used For Sailboat Sail


#6 Tyvek Sails. Not a use for the Tyvek suit, but it is Tyvek material and a darn clever use of a modern substance for an ancient application.

Avatar Wears Tyvek in Second Life

#7 Tyvek in Second Life. I don't blame you if you have no idea what Second Life is. But rest assured, Tyvek suits are just as stylish on your avatar as they are in real life. (I don't judge you if you have no idea what an avatar is either.)

Tyvek Suit Illuminated by Glow Sticks

#8 Tyvek Suit As Art. Clever artist Stewedman put glow sticks inside a Tyvek suit to create this unique look.

se Tyvek suits have become the embodiment of safety. The material was created from a DuPont discovery in 1955. The limited-use protective suits are made of spunste polyethylene and are made to keep particulate matter and light oil and liquid away from the wearer.  But over the years they have become so much more, and each year more uses come to light.

If you or someone you know has come up with a novel use for a Tyvek safety suit, send us a line and hopefully a picture, and we'll put it up on our site. Thanks for reading!

Apr 11th 2012 Justin McCarter

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