Another Great Use for Tyvek!

Another Great Use for Tyvek!

Tyvek is a remarkably versatile product.  Over the years our customers have used these protective suits for a wide range of projects from removing asbestos siding to auto painting.

What we haven't seen much of until we saw this photo was the fashion potential of the Tyvek suit.  Who knew they would look so fabulous when accentuated by a feather boa?!

The photo shows the group out skiing for Ladies Day at Holimont Ski Area in Ellicottville, NY.   They were happy to report that the suits held up well in the snow.  We are sure their fashion sense was greatly admired as well.

A big thanks to Katie, Carrie, Jen, Laura, Christina, Andrea, Claudia, Jen, Nancy, Kristina and Laura for  showing us the stylish possibilities of wearing Tyvek in social/sports settings!

Remember readers - next time you need a great looking protective outfit, think Tyvek!

Feb 29th 2012 Justin McCarter

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