MaxiFlex Gloves Part of the String Knit Glove Category

MaxiFlex Gloves Part of the String Knit Glove Category

Gloves are sometimes difficult for the layperson to locate online if they don't know the exact name of the glove they are looking for. The reason is partly because the glove nomenclature is tough to figure out if you're not a glove manufacturer or a safety expert. To help sort it all out we'll try to explain one of the most popular categories and provide links to the different types of gloves we carry here at PK Safety.

The String Knit Safety Gloves category features some of the most popular all-around gloves for professionals, industrial workers, construction workers, and even home gardeners and DIYers. While it's easy to understand that these are gloves knitted or woven from string of varying thickness and properties, it might not be the first thing someone thinks of when they are looking for a good work glove with sensitivity. But gloves that meet these criteria are definitely to be found in the string knit category.

For instance, not only are the very popular MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-874 in this category, but so are Cut-Resistant Gloves like the MCR Kevlar Dotted Glove.

Protective qualities will vary widely within the string knit category. The MCR Spectra Fiber Glove is used extensively in the meat and poultry processing industries. While these gloves are highly cut-resistant, they can also be fairly slick when holding hard objects.

Luckily there are lots of string knit gloves with coated palms. These coatings can be textured latex like the MCR Flex-Tuff Gloves or thin, breathable coatings like the thin micro-foam of the MaxiFlex Hi-Vis Gloves.

As mentioned earlier, the weave and specific material of the thread can help the glove be more or less cut-resistant. Liners can also add thermal insulation for greater comfort in cold climates or for work in refrigerated areas or food processing.

A wide range of materials are used in the string knit glove category as well. Gardeners looking for a biodegradable option really appreciate the MCR Green Bamboo Gardening Gloves not only for their conservation-conscious materials, but also for the thin composition and sensitivity they provide while still delivering remarkable durability.

As you can see, string knit gloves run the gamut of possibilities. If you have questions about your particular application, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-829-9580. We've been to glove school, and can guide you to the right hand protection for your job. Thanks for reading.

Jan 13th 2014 Justin McCarter

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