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Apr 3rd 2013

How Often Does My SRL Need To Be Inspected?

With recent changes to the ANSI fall safety standards regarding inspection of SRLs (self-retracting lifelines) utilities, oil & gas companies, petrochemical, and other site management teams are trying to determine when their devices need to go in for servicing. The answer is - it depends. The frequency of inspection depends on how often the SRL is used. The equation is further complicated by … read more
Feb 6th 2013

What are the New ANSI Z359.14 Safety Requirements for SRLs?

Self-retracting lifelines have created a new level of fall protection for at height workers since they were first introduced. Fast-activating braking systems have lowered both fall distances and fall forces. As the use of SRLs (more broadly referred to as self-retracting devices or SRDs) has increased across a wide range of industries, the American National Standards Institute ( ANSI) has tak … read more
Aug 6th 2012

What to Buy: Shock Absorbing Lanyard vs. Nano-Lok Video

Trying to decide between a shock absorbing lanyard or spending the extra cash on a Nano-Lok? Watch this video as Justin compares the pros and cons of the two technologies. Hi I’m Justin and welcome to PK Safety. Today we’re gonna talk about the difference between the traditional shock absorbing lanyards and the new self-retracting Nano-Lok lifelines from DBI-SALA and Capital Safety. Let’ … read more
Apr 18th 2012

When an SRL is Fully Extended, Is There Any Cable in Reserve?

A customer recently wrote to ask us the following question: If my 6 ft. self-retracting lifeline (SRL) is pulled all the way to the end, is there any excess line/cable left on the reel if I take a fall? The answer is yes, there will be an extra turn or two left to insure that the force of a fall won’t tear the webbing or cable off the reel.  The length of an SRL is generally me … read more
Feb 14th 2012

The Nano-Lok from Capital Safety - The Next Step in Fall Protection

Every once in a while there is an innovation in fall protection that changes the face of worker safety. The Nano-Lok self-retracting lifeline from Capital Safety is that kind of device. If you had a choice of falling 15 feet or 20 inches, which would you prefer? We’ll go with the 20 inches, thanks. Take a look at our video showing the features of this new piece of fall protection. We t … read more