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How Often Does My SRL Need To Be Inspected?

Posted by PK Safety Team on Apr 03rd 2013

With recent changes to the ANSI fall safety standards regarding inspection of SRLs (self-retracting lifelines) utilities, oil & gas companies, petrochemical, and other site management teams are trying to determine when their devices need to go in for servicing. The answer is - it depends. The frequency of inspection depends on how often the SRL is used. The equation is further complicated by the fact that the ANSI requirement also says that their stated inspection times are superseded by the intervals recommended by each manufacturer for their particular SRL.

ANSI SRL Inspection Requirements

Inspections need to be performed both by OSHA-defined Competent Person as well as be returned to the factory for a Factory Authorized Inspection on the following schedule:

SRL with infrequent to light use: -Inspected by a Competent Person annually-Factory Authorized Inspection at least every 2-5 years

SRL with moderate to heavy use:-Inspected by a Competent Person semi-annually to annually-Factory Authorized Inspection at least every 1-2 years

SRL with severe/continuous use:-Inspected by a Competent Person quarterly to semi-annually-Factory Authorized Inspection at least annually

Keep in mind, especially for SRLs with light use, the inspections suggested by the manufacturer may be more frequent than the intervals put forth in the ANSI standards.

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