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Nov 11th 2013

The Best Fall Protection for Roofers

While roof work in many parts of the country is slowing down or confined to winter repair projects, in California there are still roofing projects in full swing. Because I work for a safety company I can't help but look to see what safety equipment (if any) they're using when the work is happening in my neighborhood. So far, even since the OSHA rule changes earlier this year, only about half of … read more
Jun 12th 2013

OSHA Compliance for Residential Roofing and Construction

OSHA changed the rules for residential construction workers on March 15th, 2013. No longer will they be issuing reduced fines, helpful hints, and consultations on compliance with the fall protection regulations. They are in full-enforcement mode, and you should be in full-compliance mode if you want to avoid serious penalties. Unless you are able to plausibly demonstrate why conven … read more
Jun 10th 2013

All Petzl Rope Access Equipment 20%

Through June 16th, 2013 all the Petzl equipment we sell on is 20% off. Find out more from our video. And see the president of our company rappelling down the side of our building. If you have questions about Rope Rescue or any of our Petzl products, please give us a call or visit us online. … read more
Petzl Rope Access Equipment 20% Off!
Apr 1st 2013

Petzl Rope Access Equipment 20% Off!

Whether you are an arborist, cell tower hand, tower dog, wind energy tech, or you just love Petzl products for recreational climbing, take a look at our Petzl 20% Off Sale going on now through April 14th, 2013. We're happy to be offering 20% off our entire line of Petzl products including harnesses, helmets, and hardware. Our customers sum up our feelings about the Petzl products perfe … read more
Mar 18th 2013

The Bay Lights LED Sculpture Installed on SF Bay Bridge

On March 5th, a Tuesday, the western span of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco Bay was transformed into a 1.8 mile long art installation while continuing to serve as a major traffic artery for the area. The project involves over 25,000 LED lights attached to the vertical suspender cables of the bridge and coordinated into computer-driven imagery. The artist, New York-based and Yale-e … read more
Jan 16th 2013

Window Washers Don Superhero Costumes for Kids

Spiderman is washing windows. And he's doing a great job. According to an ABC News report, employees at the Chicago-based American National Skyline window cleaning company came up with the idea of donning superhero outfits as a way to entertain the kids at the children's hospitals where they rappel down the buildings while cleaning the windows. This story was picked up by the ma … read more